Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quick update - the long version

There are now 9 members of the "Poems in Shops" group on facebook, the movement just keeps growing!

I've realised I am able to fluently read Leonard Cohen lyrics upside down. Not that someone is unwilling to let me see them while he's playing the songs on guitar, in fairness while he's using things does seem to be the only time I want them - it's a hangover from childhood, but it's an interesting skill. I realised then that I cannot however WRITE upside down. Altho if I remember the late 90's ad correctly if I had only bought a Penali fountain pen, I would automatically be able to write in any direction with it, even upside down.

It's kinda like the crumb sweeper, an item discovered on Organize.com (don't ask why I was there) (really don't) - the ad says - and I quote "In case your toast rack fails to keep your table crumb-free, pick up those crumbs with this crumb sweeper. It's even good for non-toast crumbs." Pure genius! There was I about to go out and try to source a different sweeper for all the different types of crumbs that asail my everyday life - peanut crumbs, cake crumbs, those stubborn wheatabix crumbs! imagine. And if that doesn't sort out christmas, I don't know what does.

By the way anyone who doesn't put a poem up in a shop this month is only a (boc boc boc)

Chicken!!!! - and a can drinking chicken at that.

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