Monday, December 31, 2012

Last gasp!

Come out come out wherever you are - Ireland the land of saints and scholars - get ye to an offy.... or some sort of shop that's still open between now and midnight, hell I'll take poems in nightclubs... time is running out, it's time to panic, it's time to get a poem and put it in a shop, for your country, for dignity, for pride!!!

Scotland have only gone and got another 5 on the board...  placed by Carolyn Yates, all over Dumphries and Galloway in multiple colorful places.  See here for the full size shots and more on how to find em..

This just in though - it seems the one placed by Rachel Fox, who lives in Scotland, and the score for said poem which was originally awarded to Scotland - should have actually gone to England, so I'm going to have to amend the score.  I know it's not ideal, and I do apologise deeply for the mistake, but these errors, when they occur, must be rectified, so the score now stands at

Scotland 19
Ireland 15
USA 7.5
England 1
RoW 0

Neck N Neck

Scotland have another poem in a shop in the unbelieveably exciting last day of this year's International put your poem in a shop month...

Click here to find out who has placed this gamechanging beaut

Leaving scores at

Scotland 15
Ireland 15
USA 7.5
RoW 0

Arghghghghh - the excitement!


Poems in Shops Month is hotting up.

There's 3 more to view over at Titus' blog  here

hilarious offerings from Linda Powell

And Margaret Franks -


Go to Titus' blog for the full story...

Bug has made another strike for the USA - with a heartfelt little moment - click over here to see where this one ended up

So now - scores on the doors rest at

Scotland 14
USA 7.5
Ireland 15
RoW 0

It's a tight race, and only 14 or so hours of IPYPIASM to go.... 

Can Scotland catch up?  Can Ireland keep ahead?  Will the rest of the world finally join in?

only time will tell - happy new year you all!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

4 more to boost the score!!

I got to a shop there the other and managed four more Poems for shops

2012-12-27 10.39.52.jpg

This one is a nod to the newly renegotiated european fish quotas...

Quotas have changed
                 Customers confident
Heads in the air
                  Wallets out
Full to the gills
                  Whiskers washed
Ready to splash 
                   In one last pan

Then there was one about nostalgia and the passing of time

2012-12-27 10.40.13.jpg

They won't be back
The days of silver, gold and black
They're further back the line
each breath,
one more of the life called mine

Wanted to find a bar of gold and black chocolate to leave that one beside, but since I couldn't locate the stuff (since it doesn't exist) - I positioned this beside the equally rare and impressive creature that is a bag of ghost jellies on the day after stephen's...

And then another nostalgic one, - (NOTE the hussy referred to is from a coffee ad in the coffee shop in question)

2012-12-27 10.40.33.jpg  
It goes:

Tables were joined and chairs crowded
the hussy looked on, as we applauded
forged with cream and the sweet taste of icing
our endless coffees, minds buzzing
with stories, rhymes, ideaqs, joy of 
something stronger than time,
longer than life

And finally - one more IPYPIASM tailored, for the chicken aisle

Tired Shopper, breathe in and out
Never let there be a doubt
You're no machine, cannot continue
without a sale to soothe your sinew

2012-12-27 12.11.09.jpg

Which brings the grand score total to 

Ireland 15
Scotland 11
USA 6.5
RoW 0

But it's not a competition (however if it was you'd only have 2 days to catch us... or less, depending on the timezone.

Happy new year all of you

Friday, December 28, 2012

IP IP Hooray!!

Domestic Oubliette has brought glory to Eire, lifting the spirits of a nation for the first time since the wonderful Katie Taylor earlier in the year, could this be a sign that we are turning things around?  That we could finally be winners?  or at least draw levellers?

She has put a marvellous poem in a shop with only a little gun holding to the head on my part.

Here's the proof! - and call over to her blog here to read the poem itself and read all about it.

In other news - there is a classic PIAS making a come back on hope's blog in the shape of a 55 word story - immortalised once more, we'll take it, and give the USA another half point in recognition....

Click over here, to see how she's seamlessly woven it in.
So the running tally - in the closest ever IPYPIASM score keeping since score keeping began - with only 3 more IPYPIASMing days to go...

Ireland  11
Scotland 11
USA 6.5

oooh exciting.  Get out there ye all!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

The evidence

I told ye I'd put a poem or two in a shop today... and I wasn't fibbing.

First - here's the lookout
2012-12-24 13.17.12.jpg

And now three from me

2012-12-24 12.32.00.jpg 2012-12-24 12.31.53.jpg 
By the pens there's

International, it's so fashionable
Grab a pen and act irrational
Fun things left in odd type places
Hope to brighten stranger's faces

 2012-12-24 13.18.42.jpg2012-12-24 13.18.45.jpg
Then beside the bread - first ever IPYPIASM as gaeilge

Is feidir grá a fháil
In aice len arán
Is fiú do aimsir a thógaint
Ag léamh nó ag scríomh dán

Love can be found
beside the bread
It's worth taking time
to read or write a poem
- and it rhymes when it's in Irish - that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
2012-12-24 13.17.22.jpg
and then near the apples - not the first time I've seen them  IPYPIASM'd

Fresh as your smile
On another Christmas day
Your "grandeur" calls, your style
Your dignatory sway
I don't think you've gone away

Which all brings us to the new grand total of 

Scotland 11
Ireland 10
RoW 0

Anyway, hope you all have a very relaxing day tomorrow and the man in red, if he's coming to you, is generous with his offerings.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

News from Titus - IPYPIASM Hostess with the mostess

Hello all out there in IPYPIASM land.  I have some "rather bad news" (as she calls it herself) from Titus - the woman who generously took on the thankless (ok not completely thankless but you get what I mean) task of hosting the festival that is known as IPYPIASM - I'm not quite sure how much to tell you, for security reasons, but she has suffered a bit of an injury while ice skating, which has led to her being taken to hospital and needing a bit of attention.
She still has her wits about her, and has even had the presence of mind to get on the email to let us know about it, so that IPPPIS (International People Putting Poems in Shops) will not be left without a home.
Anyway - all good thoughts are with you Titus, and hoping you make it home in time for Santa!

Before the unfortunate incident - she had even racked up another score for Scotland

Making it

Scotland 11
Ireland 7
RoW Zero

As for me - I have 4 PFS written (poems for shops), and will be venturing out into Xmas Eve madness tomorrow to place em.

You can go over here to see Titus's poem