Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The pomegranate of vice

Here's what would happen if the world went monochrome, ie black and white.

1. Most people would be better looking - apart, possibly, from Pink.
2. You wouldn't have to worry about mismatching navy and black socks.
3. Team sports would never happen again - since it would be too hard to tell the teams apart (assuming no one tells the sporty types the obvious solution of one team wearing white and one wearing black)
4. Fresians and other monochrome animals would have the last laugh as they wouldn't change a bit.
5. No artificial colours in anything ever, so they could stop boasting about it in the ads/ on packs.

1. Snooker would get more complicated, with rules like - "Next pot the third lightest grey ball"
2. War would break out over whether it's spelled grey or gray, since it would be so important in the new monochrome world. (On the slightly positive side - peace would be declared in the colour/ color epic struggle since it would no longer matter)
3. Spreadsheets would get (even more) boring
4. Different flavours of flavoured milk would be indistinguishable from each other by sight alone and would need to be tasted to tell them apart. The taste wouldn't be as strong without the colour.
5. Joseph would just have a coat.

And if that all ain't controversial....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Have you seen

the lovely Kate Dempsey talking about poetry in public places, not least of all in IPYPIASM, and also reading her own fabulous poems?
If not click here

No other gossip here...
except to say...
next week is the "Official Worldwide Say Something Controversial" week or OWSSC for short... will you be taking part?

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have no idea what to blog about, was going to blog about the lonely voice website, which features a story of mine - yay - back when I had stories, but Brian Kirk beat me to it. Click over on the right there - my story's in Jan 2010.
But I still thought I'd like to blog. I so like that feeling when people comment, or click in, it's just so fuzzy and warm. And yet, I fear, they won't come back too quick if all I have here is a rambling wishy washy post about nothing.
That's not what the people want.
The people want "The Truth" "Answers" "Something that isn't nothing"
so here it is
I'm over a week back at "work" and it feels like when I first ventured into that cruel world from college land... when blinking I emerged into the morning darkness every day, before partygoers go to bed, to get up and go to work... and how shocked I used to be to see the sheer volume of crazy people going to work, and how bemused I used to be at how seriously they could talk about something minute and ridiculous as if the whole world hinged on the answer. How it seemed like life or death to some. How they stayed there for such a very long time... all the way from morning... till practically night fall.
Nowadays, none of that comes as a shock, and weirdly I quite like the place where I work, most of the people I work with, etc... I know I'm very lucky to have a job at all. But god it's still a long day, and the evening is sooo short, danger cushions hardly has time to say "Welcome home Mama" before it's time for his evening jog and then bed. And I'm not even doing long hours right now, I'm home by 6pm most days. No doubt I'll readjust in time.
So that's the truth (or at least the most pressing issue) of my little world right now. Feel free to share yours in the comment box.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 The Literary Highlights/ Passion Swap

This is where I'd usually boast about all the great things I've been up to hoping to make you all super jealous and cranky, but the good news is this year has been a quiet one on the literary highlights front. I read out poems in public, twice. Joined a new writers group due to the big house move. Attended a writing course gifted to me for my birthday. Started one short story - ie got a first draft done. Finished another. Wrote approx 10 poems including the 4 liners for IPYPIASM. IPYPIASM was a great success thanks to some brilliant participants - biggest and bestest ever. Other than all that, it's been quiet. No publications and very little writing.
I don't even have enough for the usual top 10 listing.

Why? I hear you ask. Well I sort of fell off the writing wagon towards the end of 2010 because of all my physical energy being unavailable to me personally, since it was diverted into making danger cushions. I thought once babs was out, then energy would return and I'd be writing away good oh in the fabled big long holiday known as maternity leave... (don't be angry north american friends, but maternity leave here is really good, I'm only going back to work tomorrow, and danger is over 7 months, and he landed late)... Anyway - still there's been no sign of much writing... I put it down to tiredness, busy-ness with the baby, lack of brain power etc. but I've recently discovered the truth (I think)
Writing was probably my biggest passion in life outside of Mr VC and my job (if my employer is reading), up until June 1st last year. So I've been muddling around here for months wondering where all my motivation went, until duh, it struck me. It has simply been bumped down the passion list, way down.
I still haven't quite got used to the idea of myself being a parent, that'll take years, but if I find myself with a spare few minutes these days - I don't think, poem or short story, I reach for a baby book, or online discussion about babies. It's very dull if you don't have one, but this magical little creature is by far and away the most absorbing hobby I've ever had.
You know that feeling when you invite someone to an event, or to a place they've never been, and then you feel like you should look after them for the evening,, introduce them around, make sure they've found the champagne and doritos? Well for me inviting a new person to live feels like that, but stronger, steel girder v's soggy pasta stronger.
Anyway, so I guess I'm excusing myself for not having more done this year, but I think I'm also saying I don't really care. For now, I'm having more fun trying to hone my mommyness, getting to understand everything about the little fella, and enjoying his babyhood, writing will be back, and it will gradually get a bigger and bigger chunk of me in the not so distant future, but for now there are more important things to do...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Sorry I've been so slow to post this, the grand finale of this years IPYPIASM, or should I say last years.. there's lots of reasons for the slowness, but I won't bore you with them... rather than that... please savour the delightful final pieces of the IPYPIASM puzzle.

First here's a link to a post from Kat
with 2 poems that didn't quite make it into stores... they're worth a lucrative half point each to Canada, who up to now didn't even feature in the festival for this year.

Then click over here
for Bug's last poem in a shop of the year, and a fitting* grand finale to the festival

* geddit? fitting? fitting room...?

This brings our final none competitive scoreboard to the sparkling tally of

USA 8.5
Canada 1
Ireland 21
Scotland 14
England 6

With a grand total of 49 poems in actual shops this year has been the biggest and best and yes - there will be a prize badge available to those from the winning country and also for all partakers... I just need someone to design them for me...