Friday, December 30, 2011

New IPYPIASMer coming up to the New Year

Yes folks, we have another wondrous person joining the ranks of the IPYPIASMer's and with new blood comes innovation... Mari G of Cast a Bold Eyes fame has gone where no IPYPIASMer has gone before - into the middle of the money machine, the place that all shops live to serve... have a look over here to get a close up and see what she has brought into the BANK

Leaving the scoreboard - with only a day left in the IPYPIASM at

Ireland 21
Scotland 14
USA 7.5
England 6


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sanity prevails, but Scotland's still sneaking up there

Well, being new to the world of power and corruption, I didn't quite think through the implications of fixing things against my own country - that's not quite how corruption is supposed to work, and seeing as I'm obviously so useless at it, I've decided to straighten up and fly right - one poem equals one point, no matter who or where you are. One fictional mention of International Put your Poem in a shop Month - equals one half point... (there's an opportunity to rack up some more points for the eagle eyed.)

Anyway - Titus has been out again delivering a trio of festive treats... with just the slightest flavour of humbug...
Click over here for the full story and close ups, and lots of pictures of the magical things that find their way to chez Titus

a classic about the hollow eyed souls of xmas

an uncharacteristic attack on pens

and an unsatisfied little solder here

This means our Convivial Scoreboard - back to straight counting - comes to

Scotland 14
Ireland 20
USA 7.5
England 6 (Terry Wogan notwithstanding)

This is no time for complacency!

Everyone, I really hope you enjoy the holidays, whatever you're up to. Don't forget IPYPIASM is not just for Christmas - so if you're getting out in the sales there should be lots of opportunity for poem sharing...

Take it easy :-)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Scotland, USA and my poor head

So, since the controversial rule change - another two entries to IPYPIASM have been brought to my attention.

First up Titus - taking the lead with this one (as far as the new scoring scheme is concerned) bringing on a super sub, in the lovely Vivien Jones, and adding a seriously beautiful touch to this whole fish display - click over here for the full story and words.

Next up a brand new player and a brand new blogger in blog world - I'm delighted to welcome Howling at the Moon for his/her debut in the world of IPYPIASM...
With a bittersweet piece placed by the wines - click over here to welcome this lovely new player and to see the words

Of course my new scoring scheme (also known as the stoopidest thing to happen in the history of IPYPIASM) means that my just for fun scoreboard is a bit more difficult to update - so after several long hours with a calculator, excel spreadsheet and a compass....
The current leader board looks like this:

Ireland 10
Scotland 10.8
USA 10.5
England 9

And I have hired several bodyguards

Shock decision regarding scoring conventions for IPYPIASM

There has been a change to the rules, late in the day, but aren't all rule changes the same and since scores are just being kept for fun, i know no one will mind.

Here's how the new scoring convention works

Each poem in a shop in ireland gets half a point, as the birthplace of ipypiasm and the only place where i know real people it has been decided the emerald isle had an unfair advantage.
Each poem in a shop in England gets 1.5 points since they invented the english language over there, so we owe them.
American poems in shops get 1.4 points for having braved the extraordinary security systems over there.
Scottish poems in shops get 0.9 points because their natural enthusiasm for poetry also gives an unfair advantage.

All this leaves the scoreboard nail bitingly close with all to play for going into the last week - everything to play for...

Ireland 10
Scotland 9.9
England 9
USA 9.1

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not forgetting Oubliette

Yes Domestic Oubliette has done it - taking part in this years International Put your Poem in a shop month over here... yes the links are working again - click over for the hilarious deal with the big man that she is proposing... much fun!

Leaving the non competitive scores as follows:

Ireland 20 (Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole)
Scotland 11
England 6
USA 6.5

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

6 in 1 & walking the walk

coincidentally - 6 in one is one of the names for the delightful injections that I had to bring little Danger for there recently, but this 6 in 1 is a far nicer affair - where the one and only Peter Goulding managed 6 poems in shops in one day for International Put your Poem in a shop month...

Sadly my linkability is still down - so paste this into your browse if you haven't been over there for the hilarious words and closeups

and here's a quick look at what he left

beside the treats

by the shaving things

on the paint

by the irons

near the socks (in or out of boxes)

and by the sprouts

They are all hilarious - so do make sure you get there for a goo.

Meanwhile Emerging Writer is walking the walk with two very fine placements in the city centre of Dubland. These are seriously sensual poems folks, you really have to go over there to read them.

Again it's a paste into your browser job until my links get up and running again, well worth the work though

And again a quick look at the elegant displaying beside the luxury coffee

And next to the seductive wines

So where does that leave our scoreboard?

Well Ireland is well drenched in Poems in shops now - reaching a score of 19.
Scotland is sitting very respectably at a total of 11.
England, where poetry in English was invented, sits pretty at 6.
And America has a very fine tally of 6.5

I think all the countries can be proud. I wonder if any other country dares to join in at this late date?
Still 10 more days to go - so theoretically any country could get another 60 poems in shops, if shops open on the 25th in those particular countries... just saying....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Scotland draws level in IPYPIASM

Titus is at it again. Click to on Titus' blog on the right there to read more and see the close up of this little love poem - For some reason blogger isn't allowing me to add in links...

This makes it neck and neck

Scotland 11
England 6
America 6.5
Ireland 11

in the non competitive achievement measurement....

Monday, December 19, 2011

IPYPIASM Out of Control!

This IPYPIASM thing has grown legs, arms, teeth and is starting to get around the floor without being moved by its parents and then gets all grumpy when it rolls over unexpectedly or gets stuck going backwards and can't go backwards any more (I wonder how I thought of that metaphor) - anyways - Hope in the states has made IPYPIASM a subject in fiction in the form of her Friday 55... go and read it here, immortalised it is!
And if that wasn't enough Don't Feed the Pixies has done a brilliant seasonal PIAS (poem in a shop) for some very lucky shopper to enjoy - get over there to read the words - it's genius - click here.

am giving hope half a point for the states partaking, thus leaving the currents scores on the 'just for fun' doors at

England 6
America 6.5
Scotland 10
Ireland 11

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Book List

Thought I'd get this up now since it's a quiet day on the IPYPIASM front - these are the books I've read since around this time last year - most were read while waiting for hospital and doctor appointments - yay for the slow health service. I've a feeling next years list with be a tad shorter.

1. KPAX trilogy – enjoyable sci fi read

2. In the skin of a lion – Michael Ondoatje – poetic, beautiful read, plot unsatisfyingly complex.

3. The behaviour of Moths – Poppy Adams – too many loose ends

4. The Dubliners – James Joyce – some outstanding writing, not sure it merits ALL the hype tho.

5. The very Man – Chris Binchy – depressing but compulsive read.

6. Fiesta, The sun also rises – Ernest Hemmingway – brilliant glittering characters though nothing much happened it read like it mattered.

7. Sharp Sticks, Driven Nails – Stinging Fly anthology – always well worth a read, some really excellent stories.

8. The Last Estate & Redemption of H – Conor Bowman Pullman, two very contrasting books set in same place but different times. Interesting and readable experiment.

9. The Idiot – Dostoyevsky – read more like a play than a book, a tad too long.

10. Looking for Leon – Shirley Benton – see review done at the time.

11. Taking Pictures – Anne Enright – some lovely writing – some endings were too sudden.

12. The captains and the kings – Jennifer Johnston – stunning writing, understated, brilliant.

13. The girls – Lori Lansens – irritating faux real style, tries to do too many things.

14. Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell – several stories tenuously strung together some way better than others.

15. Herzog – Saul Bellow – pompous miserable man struggles for recognition and understanding, some gems in it.

16. Melancholy Baby – Julia O Faolain – great short stories, alot of them shocking even today, a great read.

17. This is not a novel – Jennifer Johnston – probably the most dissappointing of hers I’ve read so far.

18. Ultimatum – Matthew Glass – chewing gum read, ultimately dissappointing.

19. Little Stranger – Sarah Waters – Sarah knows how to spin a yarn, unsatisfying ending sadly.

20. In Cold Blood – Truman Capote – took the longest time to read this on and off for years – definitely not worth the hype.

21. The hand that first held mine – Maggie O Farrell – sorta readable, tries a bit too hard.

22. Regeneration – Pat Barker – Really excellent piece of work, worth reading.

23. The Story of Plan B – Kate Dempsey – Enjoyable Romp of a read from Emerging Writer, check it out!

24. An evening of long goodbyes – Paul Murray – the ovaltine of writers – I adore Paul’s work and can’t wait for the next book – you may hate it though.

25. Clock Winder – Anne Tyler – another quiet family drama, beautifully described.

26. Women – Charles Bukowski – a most dislikeable narrator, and ultimately boring plot.

27. Before I go to sleep – SJ Watson - an alright read, kind of obvious at the end, but readable.

28. All the pretty Horses – Cormac McCarthy – good cowboy wild west type adventure, he’s a great writer.

29. The Complete Short Stories of Evelyn Waugh – some innovative story telling techniques, but mostly dated and hard to get into for that reason.

30. The Masters – CP Snow – picked from a top ten books you must read list – I must disagree – it was alright, if you’re into Oxford / Cambridge history and ambience, missable if not.

31. Never Eat Alone – Keith Ferrazzi – networking bible that tries to pretend it’s not about using people, but kind of fails in the end to convince.

32. Pyramid and 4 other stories – Henning Mankel – interesting detective series set in Sweden, mostly seems to consist of the main character’s shock at crime happening in Sweden

33. Resurrection Men – Ian Rankin – the usual compulsive reading brilliance from Ian, love him.

34. The Method and Other Stories – Tom Vowler – really enjoyed alot of these, some punchline type endings though.

35. The Kill – Emile Zola – Spoiler Alert: No one gets killed! Otherwise brilliant read – so many parallels with today it’s scary.

36. The Walmart Effect – Charles Fishman – sort of interesting, but repetitive, and not saying much that’s new.

37. 3 cups of tea – Greg Mortenson – interesting read, but definitely a lot of poetic license taken, and there’s some scandal about it perhaps not being true – ie there’s another book out called 3 cups of lies.

38. The Grass is singing - Doris Lessing – a brilliant book, hard to read at times, but such strong insights into life etc. Really worth reading.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Adrenalin Junkies and IPYPIASM

So, Bug has done it again with another wonderful poem hitting the shelves, and what a colourful beautiful shelf - not to mention a very hilarious poem... but, and here is a warning for us all, this time Bug reckons it was boring... why? because there was no danger, no chase from security, no search lights and rabid alsations, so she calls it boring. Well it's far from boring in my eyes, and I think ye should all pop over here (Yes CLICK HERE) for a good close up look at her handiwork!

But be careful out there IPYPIASMer's, once you start IPYPIASMING it's all about the adrenalin! You can't say you weren't warned....

Bringing the purely "sure it's the taking part that counts" scores to:

America 6
England 5
Scotland 10
Ireland 11

The States coming back strong

So Dead Acorn has a 'friend' (perhaps in the same way a young Brady boy might tell his Dad he had a 'friend' who didn't know how to tell his new stepmom he didn't like her cooking) who has graced the International Put Your Poem In a Shop Month Festival with her genius.

She has placed where no other IPYPIASM member to date has ever dared to go... check out the result, and as always the actual words over on Dead Acorn by clicking here

Yes, that is the fixture you think it is....

Bringing the overall non competitive scores on the doors to

America 5
England 5
Scotland 10
Ireland 11


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dominic's four more feats

Click here to see the latest four installments in the worldwide phenomenon that is "International Put your Poem in a shop Month" - Dominic has put his very fancy looking pictures up on Flickr, which is lovely and all but doesn't allow me, with my rudimentary ability with computers, to copy and paste in here. But never fear - go! look! they're splendid.

Who will be next?

The score being tracked purely for "fun" stands at
England 5
Scotland 10
Ireland 11
North America 4

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3 new poets break into the IPYPIASM scene

yes the International put your poem in a shop month festival is going from strength to strength. All good things come in threes, good kings, wise men, stooges, eyes, little pigs, wishes.... etc etc, and lately three wonderful poets have generously joined in the IPYPIASM spirit, introduced to us over on Titus' blog (click here for the close ups) - here are their wonderful poems in situ in shops....

First Up Vivien Jones:

And finally Carolyn Yates

Thus bringing the non competitive scores on the doors to

Scotland 10
Ireland 11
England 1

Monday, December 12, 2011

Shop storming stammering poet

Yes folks, Peter has been out again, storming his locality with a blizzard of poetic brilliance.
Click here to see the full text, for close ups of the beautifully typed up and branded poems, and to find out whether or not he remembered the bird seed.

In a lonely corner of Halfords
Between the aisles in Dealz

In the pet shop
Standing proud in Argos

and almost nationwide in heatons...

Leaving the scores on the board standing at

Ireland 11
England 1
Scotland 6

Or if this was the ryder cup of stealth poetic athletics

Europe 18

but IPYPIASM is a non competitive festival, so eh, it's the taking part and all that.

Goooooo Peter!!

Go on the Dom

Dominic Rivron has joined in with IPYPIASM on behalf of England. Click here to see the words on this blooming lovely poem.

Leaving the scoreboard as follows:

England 1
Scotland 6
Ireland 6

Suggestions for theoretical prizes? If this was a competition like? Even though it's obviously not.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Titus thrice more

Titus is at it again keeping Scotland well up there for this years IPYPIASM. See the full story and close ups over here.

Her latest adventures have included venturing into a gallery - to bring a bit of culture to the cult that is IPYPIASM...And of course a visit to the toy shop, tis the season after all...

Finally bringing Rachel's poem on tour to the fragrance dept (Rumour has it this is actually Titus' dressing table... and she just doesn't like to take the packaging off her perfumes)

And she ... er... has strange decorative ideas too... when the poem's gone, it's gone too...

So now, where does that leave our leaderboard?

Well, in this world of friendly rivalry, I can now inform you the scores on the board stand at:

Scotland 6
Ireland 6

Is this destined to be a three horse race? Any other countries throwing their hats in the ring?
20 more days to find out...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

IPYPIASM update: Dublin on the board and Almost nabbed in Walgreens

Festivals often thrive on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and IPYPIASM 2011 is no different (Yes, I've decided it's a festival now, and you can't stop me). This weekend we've had a blast of contribustions (cross between contribution and combustion dontcha know) in IPYPIASM's spiritual home - finally putting Dublin on the IPYPIASM map, thanks to the great Stammering Poet. Go on over here for the close ups of these gems

Taped up in the food aisle

Set free beside the fancy clothings
Taped down under the handbags
And up in public at the post office

And in the land of the free we've had our first almost nabbing with the brilliant Bug nearly getting herself arrested. Click here for the full tale and to read the poem excellently placed below.

Also, Rachel is preparing for another placement in Scotland (just as well when you look at the scoreboard) - you can read about that here

But until then the scores (kept just for fun, you understand) stand at:

Ireland 6
Scotland 3
America 4

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well folks, the states is quickly catching up with Scotland with Acorn taking IPYPIASM to a fancy department store in Americay

So just to remind us the score now is

Ireland 2
Rest of the world 6

But this is a non competitive event, so like, scores don't really count. Ahem.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Poems in Shop - The second Cork one

This poem was planted in the gorgeous Hilser Bros Jeweller in Cork, going since 1860, they're just in the middle of a closing down sale to end all closing down sales, genuinely beautiful s
hiny things in there, well worth a look if you're about the area. You can just see Danger Cushions' legs dangling from the sling in the mirror behind the display case he
And the ubiquitous close up

The poem is a bit hard to read in the shaky wakey photo above so here are the words for those of you that are into such things.

"Shooting stars for your pocket
Delicious but pricey
Almost hard as meteorite
Almost as icy"

And now the Score runs at:

Cork 2
America 2
Scotland 3

Not that it's a competition or anything...

Hope's the latest

to take part in IPYPIASM 2011 (International Put Your Poem in a Shop Month)

Click here to find the words of the seasonal, yet wickedly funny poem that she has planted. Another one for the States!


And IPYPIASM is going to be talked about as part of Emerging Writer's talk at Ignite in the Science Gallery this Thursday in Dubland 7-9pm. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

More poems in Cork shops have been reported, tune in here later for more.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

IPYPIASM streaking ahead abroad

Titus has got another one in the bag over in Scotland folks, making this years IPYPIASM 4 times more active abroad than it is at home. Not that it's a competition or anything, but if it was, Scotland would be winning....
Though I have read recently that Titus doesn't sleep, ever, so that probably explains some of it.Here's her magnificent latest poem in situ, and click here for the words and close up

Well, we have shops in Cork too, and today I managed a trip to a toy shop....

What's that attractive looking bus there? I hear you say. The one beside the boys toys...
Could it be?

Yes, my very own Poetry Bus, hitting the town in celebration of Issue 3 coming soon. I'm sure you can read more about that over here

Sunday, December 4, 2011

More IPYPIASM goings on

Well IPYPIASM has made it to America in great style with a lovely seasonal and soul searching offering from Bug - to find the full details click here

While Titus brings IPYPIASM to new heights and new levels in this fantabulous example of daring do - click here for all the pics.

And now it's over to you - who's going to be next?!?!?!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

So it's not in a shop

but in keeping with the season of IPYPIASM that's in it, today I wrote a poem involving a shop. I wrote this in a work SHOP - see all the links? it's amazing isn't it... anyway - the workshop person (who was very nice and good by the way) got us to pick a public place and write a poem about the people around and about it seconds before a bomb goes off. - taking inspiration from the poem "The One Twenty Pub" by Wislaura Szymborska, translated by Dennis O'Driscoll.

I picked a shop. A fictional newsagent place called Mc Swiggan's. It's the first thing I've written in yonks so I'm not sure if it's any good. If anyone knows of a newsagent called McSwiggan's, please let me know so I can get them to put this one up in their shop...

Blowing Up McSwiggan's

Some goths and norms
coagulate in footpath
laughing through their braces
cigarettes light up their faces

An aunt runs in to buy
a card, a certain celebration
coat pulled against the cold
winces past a young alsation

A thin man wants a paper
with the date his son was born
Should've left it off till later
Would be safer to go home

There's a toddler on a lead
with icecream dripping through his fingers
though it's nearly nine at night
still his mammy chats and lingers
with a long past maybe boyfriend
she ran into him by chance
and now they're swapping numbers baby
but they might not get to dance

Farmer stops to check the lotto
red cheeks grump at lack of winning
thick chocolate cheers him up
so there's no fear of him thinning

The world thinks it can keep on
but in McSwiggan's soon it's ending
no more nothing for the lot of them
ashes, dust, dead colours blending

Friday, December 2, 2011


So I ventured out with secret agent danger cushions yesterday, to put a poem in a shop as part of IPYPIASM (International Put Your Poem In a Shop Month). This is the first ever poem placement in the Rebel county, so is a momentous occasion, as such.

Danger Cushions turned out to be the worst partner in crime possible, with his bouncy good looks and constant smiling at strangers, it proved very difficult to blend in with the crowd. And by the way there was no crowd either. This IPYPIASM is getting tougher with less people around, the sales staff tend to watch you more, so it's harder than ever to subtly place a poem.
I managed eventually and here's the evidence.

And on shelf in all it's shining glory

By the way - any newbies to IPYPIASM please feel free to join in. The thinking is, we like poems and we like shops, or we hate shops, whatever your feeling on shops - I'm betting the month of December will see you in them more often than at any other time of year. So poems in shops is a way to make that trip more fruitful, bearable, fun, exciting, or charitable depending on your outlook. Write a poem. Place it in shop. Take a pic and post it on your blog. Let us know about it. The poems may or may not be related to where they end up in the shop, they are there as a present to other shoppers, the world at large, etc. They should be short enough to read while browsing a shelf. They may end up being scrunched up by a tidying employee, or they could end up treasured in someone's wallet or locket or most favourite pocket, whatever the case may be... get em out there!!