Friday, December 16, 2011

Adrenalin Junkies and IPYPIASM

So, Bug has done it again with another wonderful poem hitting the shelves, and what a colourful beautiful shelf - not to mention a very hilarious poem... but, and here is a warning for us all, this time Bug reckons it was boring... why? because there was no danger, no chase from security, no search lights and rabid alsations, so she calls it boring. Well it's far from boring in my eyes, and I think ye should all pop over here (Yes CLICK HERE) for a good close up look at her handiwork!

But be careful out there IPYPIASMer's, once you start IPYPIASMING it's all about the adrenalin! You can't say you weren't warned....

Bringing the purely "sure it's the taking part that counts" scores to:

America 6
England 5
Scotland 10
Ireland 11


Domestic Oub said...

We've been sick and not online for the past week or so. Delighted to see such a high level of participation for IPYPIASM! Really hoping to join the ranks tomorrow!

hope said...

Okay, I haven't done another one but I DID use it as the inspiration for my "Friday 55" story...and linked to you. :)

The Bug said...

Ha! We did some Christmas shopping today & I told Dr. M that I should have put some poems in shops while we were out - he said that it made him nervous. Apparently some of us have a lower threshold for nerves than others :)

Niamh B said...

Go on Oub, you can do it - there's still ages left!
Hope - have given the states a half point in recognition of your very fine piece.
Poor Dr M, Bug! I guess you have to take it gently with him, maybe start in a really busy place with very few staff and a non flash no noise camera - then work up from there. lol