Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fear Beans!

No - not another health warning, just struck me as funny that Fear is the Irish word for Man, and Bean is the Irish for Woman.  The man or "Fear" in the middle of Louise Phillip's latest novel has plenty to fear from the Bean in his life though - as in this, her third crime novel in the Kate Pearson series, the murderer is a woman.  It's a great read, it's called Last Kiss, I've known it since it was a short story, and feel almost like I've seen it grow up, the novel that is, and Louise's style in this book is enviable - I was so glad to finally make it to one of her launches last week, where someone fainted, it was that packed out.  The book is dark but brilliant.  I've even had some shaky moments regarding lipstick in the days since. (ok, I'll tell you so will I?  I had a really creepy dream if you must know, that a lipstick had suddenly managed to go through the computer on a skype call - a killer lipstick perhaps, I don't know why it was so horrifying)
If you fancy listening to the award winning short story that started it all (and shocked some of Lucan's local radio listeners a little) - you can go to the below link and take a trip down memory lane.


As for me, the summer has been good to us, hope it's been good to you good people of blogworld, I do miss your company, but so rarely get to be alone with a computer these days...