Friday, June 15, 2012

Good Medicine

A crowd of music, poetry and general good time lovers ascended into the upstairs bar in the Teach Beag Lismore last night - moments after the infamous defeat (they only won 4 nil!) Vick of Watercats fame was on hand to dry all our tears.
2012-06-14 21.34.27.jpg
Here's Vick introducing the night

the venue is cool - and I mean Cool with a capital C

Check out the lampshade!  And the wonderful Noel, who kicked off the night with some atmospheric and carefully crafted multi layered music.  More than a touch of the Tom Waits from him.

Peadar's poems were searching, thought provoking, and honest.  This picture was taken during his preamble when he mostly said "The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain"*

And down to business - absolutely holding everyone captive with his words.

The famous Poet generously signing copies of the book for his adoring fans.  (aka my mammy)  (yes my mammy and daddy followed me to Lismore - what can you do?!)

And the moment when I read out poems in public for the first time in over a year, with mixed levels of success in terms of brain function, (and my mam says I spoke too fast, but I always do that) and the kindest audience you could ever want.  Seriously I wanted to take them all home with me. (even the parents)

The people of Lismore are haunted, as we say in Cork, to have such a great night on their doorstep.  Keep it up Vick and Ron!!

* I might be making that bit up

Just because it's Easter too, I've decided to share this sighting of a Giant Bunny with baby in background.  It has created havoc in a normally very orderly and tidy room - disgraceful really.  Bad Bunny!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Book of Faces

I bought a new phone at the weekend, finally caving and abandoning my less intelligent hand set for a so called "Smart" phone.  A boy barely older than my son sold it to me, and when he heard my date of birth as part of the interaction, he proceeded to write down all the apps I should get - including facebook... he didn't think me capable of remembering to get facebook.  I need new wrinkle cream.
In other news - this has led to the ability to get photos onto the computer without using a lead.  Like magic it is.
So I give you - "Danger on a train" he's the one hanging out the back - little stunt man - no wires or anything.

In other news - The Scottish Book Trust has an article about IPYPIASM in scottish schools... that's gonna be worth a lot of points when the season starts... See here - isn't that exciting?  Well it was for me - thanks to all the Scots IPYPIers for firing that teacher's imagination.

In still other news - I'm heading to the medicine sessions on Thursday night.  Really looking forward to seeing the famous published poet Peadar O'Busahue doing his thing.  Going to read a few pomes myself for the first time in over a year.... I'm not saying I'm nervous, but I might do a passable impression of someone reading poetry while driving over a bumpy road.

Now off to find this Face Book thing the young people are always on about.