Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Exciting news for IPYPIASMers

I can't believe it's not February!!!

So who has knocked me over the head and woken me up and suddenly told me it's November and not a dog in the house washed?!  (nor child neither)

Well it's nearly November, and getting perilously close to our favourite time of year - the most wonderful time, as I like to call it - otherwise known as International Put Your Poem in a Shop Month - or IPYPIASM!!!
 (say it backwards and it's MSAIPYPI - sinisterly close to mississippi)

Anyway - I can hardly host it this year, as you'll have noticed my average posting per month is coming in at a tidy sum of just the one.... (it's not that I don't love ye, I just literally have been repeatedly knocked over the head and whole chunks of life have disappeared on me, like dry ice in a moving train on a sunny saturday)

So, who can take the reins, who out there would be brilliant enough, super enough, enough of an IPYPIASMER of old to lead us into the new season - someone who has enthusiastically led the charge before in their area, a steady hand, who won't let it all go to their head.  It'd have to be someone in another country too, right?  I mean we're talking IPYPIASM, not NPYPIASM after all.

Yes, you've guessed it - the marvellous Titus the dog has agreed to host the Festival in it's fifth year... what a legend.

Her blog, for anyone crazy enough not to have been there previously is over here

Enjoy you crazy bunnies - I'll be hopefully enthusiastically partaking, in a shop near me, some time soon...

Thank you so much Titus!!