Monday, September 29, 2008

Competition is good sauce

Ok - now there is no way I am letting that chicken chow mein go to Domestic Oubliette without a fight - so here's my entry for Uiscebot's turn cheesy photos into art challenge.
See below - My version of Andy warhol's Marylin melanges. Looks a bit like a twisted, overpopulated version of the brady bunch. So if you want it, save it now, cos this is one that's goin up for a limited time only. Mostly all taken on one slightly eventless journey from the midlands - there's a me for all seasons....

That's quite enough of that now!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Morning

It's a real sunday morning - slightly sunny, no deeds to do, all's quiet - except for the dishwasher, car alarms going off in the distance, birds walking on the corrugated style plastic roof over the kitchen.

Felt like a listen to the following

The weather in the vid is a bit miserable, but it's worth a listen. Love a bit of Lou.

It does take ages to upload videos though, so now I've been surfing you tube for the last 10 mins, listening to all of Lou's back catalogue. And not doing any actual work - hate that. Don't expect to see too many more videos here, I might as well warn ye now....

Do I just need a faster computer?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The late latest

Well, as promised - here's the low down on the coolest show in Ireland - the late late.

Last night it was so cool, Pat had not one, but two non interviews. Anyone can do one - see Domestic Oubliette on Dave Letterman's non interview of John McCain. Pat didn't have Prof Keane on to talk about health. Then he showed an interview with a Rabbi - and then admitted - only after the fact, that the Rabbi actually wasn't there in person, prerecorded. What a legend!

Another highlight would have been witnessing Boyzone's latest attempt at a dance routine, they must be older than I thought, but it basically consists of them shuffling about, pointing their feet in different directions. It became clear later that they were just trying to conserve their energy, since Pat forced them to stand up for their brief interview. It was heartbreaking really, to see the small cute one grovelling - saying "Thanks for having us Pat" "That's fine lads, just once you understand you're not big enough to sit down with me anymore". They nodded and shuffled off. Even Brendan Bowyer looked more cheerful, with his happy song about the fact that he doesn't break like Crystal. He does have a great voice.

Anyway - I did have a nice lie in, after all, so that was good.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The holiday ends....

I've just had three lovely days off. Am about to embark on two more days off, but everyone else is off too - so they don't count...

Like the above lazy mutt - I just want more lie-ins. Sadly, have been too excited of late to lie in for ages, or maybe I just haven't stayed up late enough.
Alright - tonight I am going to challenge myself to stay up for the entirety of the late late show - full report tomorrow!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another First

Well, the reading in the ballroom of farmleagh went very well. I am assured by my mother, and my Fiancee that I was one of the best of the thirty or so poets who read, and they're not biased, honestly. Some real highlights were provided by the other Lucan writers who were there. It was a great evening, and the pace was perfect.

Another high point of yesterday was my first time talking to Pat McCabe, who gave an impromptu interview with Dermo B (if Triona can call him that so can I!). I use the term talking very loosely. I was there, and he talked, and I asked a couple of questions. It was a huge thrill though, he's one of the reasons for writing. Reading the worst bits of the Butcher Boy, felt like getting punched in the gut. It was so cool to hear his story, also the fact that he idolizes Dorothea Brande's "Becoming a Writer". A brilliant book about writing written in the 30's, it has a fantastic approach, and includes invaluable advice on the best types of typewriters out there...

On another front - think everyone should see what's happening in Denmark - it's a real shame - nice place - if I can just attach it... here goes - my first video on the blog - the first thing is getting irritating now right?

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm a bit anxious about this blog, I've just realised, I'm worried about leaving it empty, like it's a pet that needs feeding, which reminds me, I haven't fed the goldfishes yet....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cat Vacuuming

Having just finished reading Ben Elton's "Blind Faith", It isn't without some trepidation and a little skepticism, that I begin my first Blog. It's a week of firsts for me. I'll be doing my first Poetry reading this week too. I'm only sorry I began aqua aerobics last week since that could have been a first for this week too - darn it!

That's all I'm saying now - tune in in two more years lest I should log in again to do some more tactical avoidance of actual work....