Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good Wife Bad Influence & the irony of the broken computer

I wrote this originally in longhand as the computer was broken.  I wanted to watch "the good wife".  I've seen 13 X 40 minute episodes in the last 6 days and can now be probably diagnosed as clinically obsessed.  The old romantics at netflix, after two years apart, not a word, not a wink passed between us in the meantime, well they want us to try again, and have given me a month's free trial - (they'll want me to pay for it after that, I ask you!?), so I have a very limited time to catch up on ALL of "the Good Wife", and this is in fact my very serious goal for the month of November.  Yes, I'm still on maternity leave, unpaid at this stage though, so don't worry, your taxes aren't supporting my habit, so yes, I need projects (apart from the baby & toddler mentoring) to fill the time.  I thought I'd write, the next great novel or at least a collection of short stories in the remaining time off, since danger cushions is now in preschool 6 hours a week, but no, alas and alack, all attempts to write have resulted in little - it seems my writing muscles have turned to flab - but I have just enough energy and imagination to watch "the good wife" so goddamit I'm going to do the best job of watching it that I can.  Yes, perhaps I am secretly hoping I will discover the meaning of life through this endeavour, or at the very least I expect to pick up some decent cleaning tips or a few recipes, so far it's just been lots of court cases, sassy workmates and quick thinking phone calls but I'm sure they'll focus on the other important areas of performance in wifehood in later series, ie not just the day job.  Sadly I am now wasting time not watching it (clarification, I am now watching it, since the computer is now back up and running, but I wasn't watching it then, when this was originally written, I'm just transcribing now).  The irony is, if this goes on much longer I might actually be tempted to get up and do some cleaning, or perhaps I should read up on some case law instead, can't be too prepared.  Monkey boots doesn't mind as long as she gets to sit on my lap and pull my hair.  Good parenting is having long hair to play with and an available (and more than comfortable) lap.  Good wifing is looking cool under pressure and knowing your lines.