Sunday, September 4, 2016

Diva Days

6 years on from my last appearance at Electric Picnic, this weekend saw a fantastic reunion with the Poetry Divas.  Why did it take us so long to get the group back together?  Well, we are divas after all and there were a lot of details to work out.  (also they didn't need me and were perfectly fine doing brilliant performances since my last stand with them, thank you very much, but I don't like to think too much about that)

The picnic was, I'm sure you're sick of hearing by now, if you're in Ireland listening to any of our mainstream media, bloody brilliant.  55,000 people in some fields in the middle of the country, getting all wet and happy and  inspired.

I said two new poems, both of which were written in the 6 years off, and also within the last 2 weeks, which just shows the power of a deadline and a dropped skype call.  Posting my most topical one here now, it's called "In defence of the defenceless" and aims to stand up for the weak and marginalised in our society.

In defence of the defenceless

Will no one stand up for Pat Hickey
And say "Ola" you are taking the Mickey
Now he's on house arrest
Still tv's not the best
over there and he's missing Fair City

Will no one stand up for the men
I'm saying it time and again
Only one fifth more pay
for doing the same things their way
doing five things and calling it ten

Will you help out poor Trump, first name Dónald
His speeches so not monotonal
Thought the presidents race
was X Factor in space
and the mood swings, he's clearly hormonal

Will no one stand up for poor Putin
And the suits that he just looks so cute in
True most people who've said
Bad things about him are dead
All the blame he is calmly refutin

Ah come on now, stand up for Pat Hickey
Show respect for a professional sickie
He smiles so demurely
He's not wrong, no it's surely
not his fault if the tickets were sticky