Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's usually in the past

At quarter to six in the evening, I was driving home from work, average traffic, wet night I think, can't even remember the weather fully, and this was only yesterday.
On the radio there was a man talking from the square in Kiev, quarter to eight local time.  The protesters had been given till eight to clear where they'd been encamped or else.  9 people had already died in the day.
So by the time I'd reach Midleton, it'd be happening, whatever it was.
It turned out another 17 people who were doing whatever they were doing while I drove - were no longer doing anything by the time I got in my car again this morning.
I know people die all the time but it's usually in the past, so maybe that's why it felt eerie - to be continuing my normal life and knowing...

Other than than all's well with me, hope you are keeping good.  Toddler beside me right now wants more cartoons but it's time for bed.