Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Light bulb moment

Light bulb moments sure are magical things, I had three of them this very evening.

The risks of light bulb moments are many, but the rewards are great.  You risk being killed stone dead, because you forgot which way the switch should be (off is good, but can be hard to predict on those two switch lights at the top of the stairs for example), an even greater risk is that the extra light will just show you that a particular part of the house, which you had thought was looking particularly snazzy lately actually has a huge amount of dirt temporarily hidden by the darkness, and then the worst risk of all is that you'll open the box of light bulb, yes light bulb, to find that it's got no two pins to hold it hanging up in the fixture or else it has - but your fixture is missing the holes to hold the pins.

my light bulb moments of this evening revealed one further risk - poorly matched bulbs.  It's such a shame when you buy a bulb to put in a light that has three bulbs, and the other two are all fancy and pointed and the new one added in there looks like a complete tool (unfashionable or stupid person)

Don't say you haven't been warned.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


This week, there was a poetry festival in town, and I was delighted to attend the award giving for the Gregory O Donohue prize.
I found myself getting nervous in the audience, as the compere read out stuff the judge had said about the entries... I found myself feeling like maybe they'll say I was the winner, though I didn't enter, maybe I was still the poet of extraordinary quality that was about to be presented with a big fat cheque... (they didn't present the cheque on stage as it turned out - that's a bit too lotto i suppose)...  I did the same in first year of secondary school when the student of the year was being announced - I have a ridiculous level of optimism sometimes, perhaps it was because i had just written a poem at home for the first time in yonks.

Following the poet who came third, and then the poet who came first came 5 emerging poets.

The first was the most emerging of emerging - sure didn't she come up with the name, it was great to see Kate from Emerging Writer fame doing her thing again.  I found her "it's what's in it" poem very touching, and even asked afterwards was it a new version, cos I never remembered it hitting home so much before, but maybe that's just a side effect of having grown up and having an actual singing dancing munchkin of my own.  Flaming for Vincent was a bit of a classic too.  I won't tell you about the others, you should have been there, if you're so interested.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

There I was on Thursday of this week....

wondering why no one had commented on my blog - which, according to the new scheme of things, was to be published without fail of a Sunday.
But then I found to my horror - that actually, just deciding and even intending to do something do very little towards the actual happening of things unless you also do the thing.  Even on Thursday I planned to post about this remarkable phenomenon, but I have since found out that planning - similar to deciding and intending - also lacks that special bit of action and world changing potential that doing does have....
Lesson learned, Cruel Blog Life-Lesson Master Monster.... lesson learned.