Tuesday, May 29, 2012

About the pedometry

So yes, they gave us pedometers, for team spirit.  So we can write down every day how many steps we've taken.  I foolishly asked my good friend google what counts as average, - it's 5000 steps, if you're a woman, and 7000 steps if you're a man. The difference between sexes is kind of odd - considering most women are slightly shorter than most men, so you would think they would need to take more steps to cover the same ground.  I have two theories for why this might be - A - Multitasking - women get more done at a time, so can iron while practising harmonica and still manage to nag their husbands (might as well go the whole hog on the stereotyping) and typing too of course.  so they don't need to retrace their steps as often.   B - The method of measurement.   The pedometer is attached to me all day - and there is an honour system whereby the people running the event trust the partakers to enter the correct number.  Now there is a possibility that sometimes men might feel compelled to fib just a tiny bit to make their number look bigger.  I'm not saying they're more competitive than women, but they're more competitive than women.
Anyway - turns out - I'm a smidge below average most days - 1000 or so below if I'm feeling womanly, and a whopping 3 K less on my manly days.  And well short of the 10 thousand steps a day that we're actually really supposed to be taking in order to stay healthy.... I was telling my colleague about it the other day "I think my pedometer is broken" I said, "It never seems to go up, I was sitting there last night waiting for it to go up..." how they laughed....  So I'm lazy - it's been officially diagnosed.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Maybe i'm lazy

So, they've given us pedometers at work... Part of a fun, team building, which team can walk moreee kinda thing (and i do know, before you all point it out, that It's really their sneaky way of actually i've just confirmed it, I'm too lazy to even finish this post!!! No maybe about it!!! Off to enjoy more suntime, GOWAN JEDWARD!!!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I love JD

I know some of you are thinking of that handsome young Doctor in Scrubs (and I do love him too if you must know, I've got a lot of love to go around), but in this instance I'm referring to the remarkable JD Salinger and his book "Franny and Zooey"
The book is two short stories sewn together, one called Franny, and the other (rather predictably) titled Zooey (ok it's only predictable when you know the full title I suppose, but you know what I mean).... (especially when he bursts into song - that's when he's at his cutest I find).. and anyway - this book was picked for my local book club, and I got my second hand copy from the nice Amazonians, (they've some amount of cheap books in Brazil, must be all the rainforests) and so my copy had been intriguingly gifted to someone from their parents for their 22nd Birthday - imagine that?!  A skinny book, for a 22nd birthday present, maybe they pushed the boat out for his 21st... There was nothing written on the back, so, with no hint apart from a dedication stating that it was being offered with the enthusiasm of a one year old offering a cold lima bean - (and when he plays those hilarious tricks with the dead dog), I dived in.
In summary, in 178 or so pages - the main character Franny stares twice (maybe even more often, but definitely at least twice) at the ceiling (and then there's those times he has that sweet little sing song voice where he talks about the lessons learned during the day aka the half hour that the show has lasted).  She has a fight with her boyfriend - who's a bit of a drip, then goes home all mopey, not over the boyfriend, more because she wants to find some kind of inner peace, so she's home all mopey and her mother and brother try to cheer her up and then she falls asleep in the end. (or when he thinks out loud in the middle of the corridor)
So in summary, not much happens, the action covers about 3 hours in total, and yet it is  COM PLETE LY transfixing.  He's a genius of a writer, that's all there is to it.  Shows you the minute telltale signifiers of a person's mood, effortlessly brings you into the hot, smoke filled, world of the characters and doesn't let you out. So, yeah, I love him.  There were bits that I didn't love too, but sure no one's perfect, (except JD from scrubs maybe)... And it is the ONLY book I've managed to finish this year so far... apart from "La Gatita", "Colours for Babies", "Shapes for Babies", "Words for Babies" and "Jenni, an Chearc Beag Donn" (Jenny the little brown hen).  I'm still struggling through "Teddy is Polite" it's a hard hitting drama about a Teddy forced to recognise the consequences of his actions - I'm fairly sure it's not by a JD of any kind.

The book list is gonna be short this year.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Here is...  I think you'll agree - the most moving rendition of Twinkle Twinkle recorded by anyone - anywhere - ever


The kid's got some voice

Monday, May 7, 2012

Daft Punk

Danger loves Daft punk - most specifically their Around the World video... Youtube it... watch it once a day for the next month - I can personally guarantee  it never gets old.  It's most likely the most magical music video ever.  I find it particularly apt coming up to the olympics, with all the swimming and synchronisation and all. I couldn't even see Jedward doing something as good as it...
So anyway - all this daft punking has led him to his first independant steps two days ago 3 weeks ahead of his first birthday.  And here you've all been thinking you're missing majorly profound thoughts and huge entertainment since I've been so slack on the bloggy front whereas actually you've just been spared the mind numbingly boring repetetive parent talk that I go on and on with at work and anywhere else anyone talks to me... " he's so cute, he's doing kisses, he climbed up the stairs with a balloon in one hand,  he loved the swimming pool, he knows how to say tweet tweet,  he always wants to play with whatever the dog's playing with, he's very discerning in his musical tastes, he's figured out how to stick out his tongue on purpose, he'll wave after you leave the room blah blah blah - " I do see people's eyes glazing over with it all, but wanted to put this up about the walking anyway, as I don't have one of those books to fill out all his firsts in (ok I do, got one as a present but I never filled it out, in my defense neither has he,,, danger that is... ) and we haven't taken any photos of him for quite a while (this is not because he's not beautiful, he is, it's just that the charger for the camera is lost etc etc) so anyway - this is my little attempt at cherishing his youth while he's still having firsts...
Don't worry, I won't keep ye posted on further developments.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Two wrongs?

You know when you have one sock on, and then you realise the sock you already have on is on inside out and assuming you also hold the match to the sock in your other hand (and it happens to be turned the right way around for applying to the foot)..... what would you do?
Do you
 (A) - just put the second sock on the right way and get on with your day
 (B) - turn the second sock inside out so that it will match?.................

 There're no other options that I'm missing out on are there?