Thursday, October 27, 2011

Speaking of Clear Outs

Yesterday's image (some might call it a disturbing image) was thanks to a large bag of stuff and things that my folks have kindly kept for me all these years only to return them to me now that I am old enough to laugh about them, and possibly so that I can appreciate what they had to put up with all those years ago.
Here's today's strange artifact from childhood. A slightly overly assertive Mother T commands a man to "DIE WITH DIGNITY". Perhaps you kind folks could save me the cost of a therapist and provide me with the deeper meaning behind this one?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Speaking of presidents

Here's me in 1988 with the then president of the USA, I thought the name Bush was hilarious at the time, but then I also thought batman earrings were the coolest things evah! (Except while trying to watch arachnophobia in the cinema when they'd dangle on your neck feeling like a spider's tiptoe)
Anyway - decision time tomorrow. I never saw the attraction of having a self styled smooth businessman from reality tv-land as a president myself. Though he does look a little like Danger cushions, when he does his power pout the leading candidate (up until monday anyway) did a mean impression of Danger at his most upset... Hopefully the bumbling explanations, contradictions, condescensions and general rubbish he's been talking this week will be enough to change a few minds. I'm routing for David Norris. He's by far the most entertaining, as anyone who watched Monday's Frontline debate will know, ok he's had a funny campaign, what with stepping out for most of it and just returning a few weeks ago, but to me that demonstrates brilliant strategy - less work, maximum impact... there's lots more to say but I'm off for a nice walk in the woods.
You have 20 hours to convince me otherwise

Friday, October 21, 2011

I can only assume

....that the artworks put up here over the last few days have solicited such a huge response and that practically everyone in the world has attempted to bid on them. This has caused a jam in the semi conductors which led to a kink in the wiring which in turn has led to the appearance of zero comments and therefore zero bids.
I can only apologise to the frustrated millions out there who long to own one of the "pieces" and I can only hope the increased levels of traffic doesn't, in fact, break the internet.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last day of the auction

So here's the last of the artworks up for grabs in the "Cushions throws out her old stuff and saves the world at the same time" Charity Auction... Scroll back through the last few posts for more options or if you wanna find out how the auction works!

"Paper Punch"
(Perfect for the office)



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More More More, how do you like it

Today's fabulous foursome in the cushions charity art auction extravaganza include:

"A Bit o' Boston"

"Fish" or "Using up all the small bits of broken soft pastels"

"Untitled - just for the sake of it"
"Mushrooms" (includes free piglet sticker)

Fastest finger first - first bidder wins - there's one more days worth coming tomorrow - don't forget you can take from more than one day if you wish. They'll be worth millions when I'm very famous.
I might have another batch in a few weeks if I can find the lead for the camera.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another day another auction

Today's delectable delights include:

"Party People"

"Unfinished Family scene"
(this could be finished off by the purchaser perhaps)

"Old Photo"

"Girl wrapped up"

For details on how to bid - see earlier posts!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Yes - that's my carpet!

Need something to line your kitty litter tray? perhaps the inside of your medicine cabinet could do with a decoration, or you need some kindling for all those bonfire nights coming up? Rest assured the Various Cushions charity auction has something to meet your needs. All you need to do to win one of these priceless (or in some cases priceless attempts at artwork) pictures is to place a bid in the comment box for the one that you like. Promise to give something to some sort of charidee - you don't even have to say what or when or to whom, and we'll trust you to carry it out. I'll need an email from you then to confirm your delivery address, my email is niamh dot bagnell at gmail dot com... and away we go...
today's sumptuous offerings include:

"Dermot" and "Wicklow"

"Guitar man on Cape Clear"

"Captain Kirk"

And yes, that is my carpet in the back ground, not for sale - though it does set some of them off beautifully.

You can take more than one pic - but limit yourself to one from each day's posting - think I've another 3 days worth to put up after these.
Happy shopping!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some dark ones

So, in mindfulness that Halloween's coming up - the various cushions charity art auction has plenty of things to scare the kiddies - darlings that they are....

see yesterday's post for info on how you can claim - meanwhile - on with the ORT!!!!

- this selection come from dark places, cos I know some of ye are into that kinda thang

"Creepy face behind the bouquet" and "Sad woman who doesn't exist"
(note - sometimes I'm too lazy to photograph pictures separately - that doesn't mean they can't be separated in real life)

"The Wreck of the Hespers"


"Boy" - from the U2 album cover

There are 16 more masterpieces to come in the next few days, but don't worry - feel free to start the bidding, you can take as many as you like, pick one from each day perhaps. First bid wins - tell us what you plan to do for charity if you wish, or blog about it, or just take the pic and run, I'll trust ye to do the right thing.
(and if no one is bidding - please take one just to make me feel better- you can always put it in your green bin when it arrives!! :-)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lead's back!!! Art for auction

yay - the new non dog chewed lead arrived, so i'm back in action.

And just in time for my charity art auction. Cos I feel strongly about stuff and things, and I haven't held a gala ball in quite some time, or indeed ever... I have decided to auction off some original art from cushions towers for the sake of the charidee. Yes you can own one of my fabulous pieces, and all you need to do is bid - bid anything at all, a good deed for someone, promise to smile at the bus driver, or pledge one million dollars to your local good cause - you don't have to prove it, you can blog it if you wish, but I will depend on your high levels of integrity to ensure that the good works are carried out. And now for the art...
The following "pieces" have become available during the shake up also know as moving house - whereby these lovely (and some let's face it, not so lovely) things were found unappreciated and unloved among my old sketch pads. There's oil paintings, pastels, charcoals, all original and all mine. (I know it's hard to believe how talented I am)

To nab one - just leave a comment with the title and send me your address by intermail at the following address: niamh dot bagnell at gmail dot com....
And now the art - cheese and wine ready everyone?

"Guy with no friends left at the party"
"Watercolour garden"

"Beaded top and hair dryer"

"Stormy sky"
Ok - because it takes hours to put up these things I'm only putting a few up at a time - will put some more up in the next few days - and feel free to take more than one - since it'll save me on the postage
Happy bidding :-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For the art of repetition

The weekend found meself, baby cushions and Mr VC all ensconced half way up sliabh na muc (the mountain of pigs) looking out over the Glen of Aherlow in the company of 5 writers from the wonderful Dubland writer's group for the annual writing weekend, also known as the annual "excuse to eat 10 thousand jelly sweets and watch X factor" weekend.
As is traditional on such weekends - we sometimes, late on in the evening, get around to a 2 lines each game where we each write two lines of a poem and pass it on... here's the result of mine - which was one of the favourites this year - last years favourite can still be heard here.

And now - this years effort - and don't try to say the fourth line after half a box of butler's chocolates...

Moonlight spilled through chocolate trees
The summer night a blush of heat
A shimmer, glimmer, cresent kiss
Lost loves kiss, last lost chance
A cloud, a broken strand of moon
brought chill through naked trees
And then she danced wild and free
The night, her audience. She waits
for someone hid between the trees
whose eyes shimmered in the moonlight
A flash of shadow, tall, and then,
for the art of repetition, let's mention trees again

I'm still waiting for the darned lead btw, so apologies that I'm slower than usual at responding to your comments, they're still much appreciated.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nutella on the other side of the jaffa cake

Readers familiar with my poems to dissuade series will know that lack of a need for a certain public service will not put me off attempting to provide it - so here, in the interests of public health and well-being, is a list of what I deem to be inappropriate uses for nutella or choconussa as you might know it, depending on where you shop. I haven't tested out all of these ideas, so can only promise that on mature reflection, these uses seem to be the least likely to bring you success.

1. Buttering the non chocolate side of the jaffa cake - this idea is what got me thinking about the rest of the uses I deem inappropriate.... sounds delicious but wrong.
2. Nor should you eat all the chocolate off the outside of a mars bar and insert nutella between the nougat and caramel layers.
3. Do not use as toothpaste.
4. It will not work well as nappy cream.
5. Nor does it function as window cleaner.
6. It's abilities as a cavity insulator are limited.
7. It is not recommended in the field of shining shoes.
8. At best it is very poor as a nasal decongestant.
9. Do not try it as an NCT disc adhesive.
10. When tiling - grout is probably a better option for sticking the tiles to the wall.

Glueing Ferrero Rocher's together in a pyramid is only to be advised if you are extremely skilled and artistic and want to impress all your friends.

Anyway - contrary to all evidence to the contrary, I am not online at the moment, the lead is still en route... I watch ye from a far dear friends... (whatever you do, don't try it as hair gel)