Thursday, September 29, 2011

lots of great ideas for posts these days but...............

Contrary to all Human Rights treaties signed in living and dead memory, there is no internet in the new house...
This outrage has been followed by the fact that the lead on my computer no longer works, so I can't even get posts written up at home and then posted from an internetty spot....
I'm adrift, waving at you from a far away life raft - hopefully normal service will resume soon

(and the weather's rubbish down here, which I noticed was highlighted from the heatwave ridden dubland, from the dubland tv* studios... thanks a lot... rub it in why don't ye?)

* we officially really really have no tv now either - so have to rely on the kindness of my folks to sometimes allow us into their home for a peek...

Thursday, September 22, 2011


you know that childish urge to write an "i" in the middle of those To Let signs?

There'll be one of those signs outside my house some time soon... but we'll be gone... - yep we're finally packed up and ready to go - leaving the house of many firsts. First place we lived together without other people around... place I wrote my first two novels... left from here for our first wedding... and of course to have our first baby cushions... and it's also clean and clutter free now for the FIRST time since we moved in.
It's lovely living in a house with an echo

here's a picture from the online ad showing how blank the place is now - oh and the lawn has been mowed at at long last as well - strange times.

we're on the road south in the morning

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

sign of the times

The painting on the left has lived at the top of my stairs for a couple of years now. The other day it came up in some kind of conversation related to "the move" and I found myself calling it the breastfeeding picture... just shows where my poor befuddled head is at these days.

Friday, September 9, 2011

a stone's throw

so - we've found the place that we plan to move to in Cork. New landlord is ok with insane dog, (altho we didn't call her an insane dog when we asked about it) - to be honest we possibly seduced the new landlord a little unfairly with a big blue eyed smiley baby gooing at them, how could they resist?
The weird thing about the new place is that it's actually only a stone's throw from where I grew up - I mean literally... I could throw a stone from my front gate and hit my dad as he's mowing the lawn - not that I would... dad, if you're reading this, this is not a threat (and feel free to come over and mow our lawn when you're finished)
Anyway - it's weird, the thought of living so near my old home - I'd never been inside the house until earlier this week, but have most definitely sat on the front step of the porch - I have a memory of a transient friend who lived there - a little blonde girl who I played with mainly because she had a toy cashiers till that really seemed to work, with toy products to sell and everything... I have memories layered all round the estate - across the road was where I feel off the back of a toy tractor - and in my imagination somersaulted backwards down a steep hill whereas it's actually only a slight incline.
I have also been in the back garden, as to the left of it is the big wall that we used to use for tennis once a year after wimbledon - and whenever the ball went a little high - theirs was the back garden to be braved... I think the people who lived there at the time were ok about it - and I know insane dog will be more than ok about it if it still goes on, probly not, since today's kids are probly busy on their wiis etc
Anyways - am working now on the tin cans and string phones, it'll save a fortune in phone bills

Thursday, September 1, 2011

After just one day in College

Danger cushions already thinks he knows it all... - here he is giving a running critique of last night's rte news

Micheál watches news by variouscushions

either that or he's trying out his first sound poem