Sunday, July 24, 2016

2 more months on

So, still at it, I am.

I find it funny looking at the post from 2 months back, to see that my body was giving out so much about the exercise.  It was mind over matter back then,  now things have flipped.

Matter over mind.  My body itches for the exercise now, not real itches - just that if I try to miss my slot of running around the house like a looper, jumping up and down, lifting heavy things, climbing things - basically my body says "C'mon" even though my mind might think I'm a bit tired, or that I might like a little break for the evening, I still feel an irritation until I do it, get the moving done.

I now understand what people mean when they say exercise is addictive - like a lot of addictions it works by making you feel like crap if you don't take the substance of choice.  I used to be able to happily sit around for the evening, maybe watching a few hundred minutes of tv, or having intellectual conversations with my 2 year old... now no more.  So grand, I'll be living longer maybe, I can run if I need to, play more with the kids maybe and can climb several flights of stairs without being completely out of breath - however I have to accept that I am now enslaved - to the muscles, the bones, the sinews, the stretch.  But yes it is a stress reliever, and the world we live in is undeniably 3 dimensional, so it is handy to be able to move sometimes from one spot to another.

Anyways - hope Summer has been treating you well, and that you are moving and shaking it, the aul bod, wherever you are.