Friday, December 23, 2011

Scotland, USA and my poor head

So, since the controversial rule change - another two entries to IPYPIASM have been brought to my attention.

First up Titus - taking the lead with this one (as far as the new scoring scheme is concerned) bringing on a super sub, in the lovely Vivien Jones, and adding a seriously beautiful touch to this whole fish display - click over here for the full story and words.

Next up a brand new player and a brand new blogger in blog world - I'm delighted to welcome Howling at the Moon for his/her debut in the world of IPYPIASM...
With a bittersweet piece placed by the wines - click over here to welcome this lovely new player and to see the words

Of course my new scoring scheme (also known as the stoopidest thing to happen in the history of IPYPIASM) means that my just for fun scoreboard is a bit more difficult to update - so after several long hours with a calculator, excel spreadsheet and a compass....
The current leader board looks like this:

Ireland 10
Scotland 10.8
USA 10.5
England 9

And I have hired several bodyguards


Titus said...

Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole.

And nice one Howling Wolf. Left me a little tearful. I think it was the poem, anyway.

Titus said...

So sorry. Just realised you are not a legendary bluesman.

Dominic Rivron said...

I'll have to see if I can't get out again before the 31st.

Where have all the English poets gone?