Monday, December 12, 2011

Shop storming stammering poet

Yes folks, Peter has been out again, storming his locality with a blizzard of poetic brilliance.
Click here to see the full text, for close ups of the beautifully typed up and branded poems, and to find out whether or not he remembered the bird seed.

In a lonely corner of Halfords
Between the aisles in Dealz

In the pet shop
Standing proud in Argos

and almost nationwide in heatons...

Leaving the scores on the board standing at

Ireland 11
England 1
Scotland 6

Or if this was the ryder cup of stealth poetic athletics

Europe 18

but IPYPIASM is a non competitive festival, so eh, it's the taking part and all that.

Goooooo Peter!!


The Bug said...

Oh we look so pitiful! I'm pretty sure we'll never match you guys - & with Peter & Titus on the case it's going to be impossible. I wonder if I can take them out somehow? Ha!

Words A Day said...

ole, ole, ole, ole!
:) :) :)

Niamh B said...

Ah Bug, you're doing fabbo!!

Words, hope you'll be taking part again?

Titus said...

Peter's brilliant! And so fired up this year...
Come on USA! See Bug, I'm on your side. Now just take Peter out.

Meanwhile, I'm developing a radio-controlled poetry drone.