Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First December Post

Actually we got some bills yesterday, but you know what I mean. Started the new job yesterday - a million miles closer to my homeplace, working with a friendly close knit bunch who sent up a great welcoming groan when they heard I was from Cork.

The car doesn't know what to do with itself with the shorter drive every day, but I've been filling the time nicely - still haven't got round to my yoga, cleaning the house, finishing my novel, getting dogs and walking them, etc etc that I was planning to get done.

Someone I know is off to new york tomorrow, havin a girly holiday, and importantly buying fancy clothes for herself. Similarly to the spending of extra time, I sometimes wonder where all my extra cash must be going that I am saving by only going as far as the a-wear in liffey valley when my stuff is falling apart...Then I remember the goldfish(es) - they are bleeding me dry with their constant food cravings and messy parties. (seethes silently on the couch looking at the goldfish).

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