Thursday, December 18, 2008

Meeting famous people

Today I saw Bill Gates, I mean Bill Cullen, same thing really, he was in Easons, signing books or something, I didn't go near him, in case he'd try to fire me, in these tough times you wouldn't know. On Tuesday I met Jack Dee - I mean Jack Charlton, I mean I didn't meet him, just saw him sitting by the door of Liffey Valley, shivering and signing books or something.

From these two sightings, and from the pain in my feet I can now conclude that I have been out shopping too much this week, getting all my presents for people in two evenings, also that Dublin is the centre of the universe and all the glittering stars of the world like to hang around here signing books or something.

Did I take a picture of either famous person, seeing as I had my camera on me? Nope, I did take some pictures of some festive trees to cheer the soul though - hope you enjoy....

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