Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another List

Things I might never get used to about my new job:

1. The way that everyone hugs and kisses to say goodbye before the holidays

2. Tasting 5 different curry powders at 8.30 am

3. The proximity of nutmeg, or any other exciting ingredient or smell from all around the world

4. That I no longer have to stop every 3 days to fill my petrol tank

5. The fact that my socks smell more of spices than feet after a day at work

Happy Christmas to all my loyal readers, both of you... hit the fantabulous button below to wish me a happy christmas in return and prove me wrong! (I don't have a fancy hit counter thing, (which may SHOCK some who will have noticed that I am so technologically advanced that I have now mastered big, small, itallicky and just now colourdy writing), so have no idea how many human beings read this) (if you're an alien please hit brilliant)


Anonymous said...

I recognise him! He was waiting outside my door last week, just lurking there, saying nothing but his eyes spoke volumes. I knew he had been drinking by the colour of his nose. The security light flashed on, and his eyes filled with tears, diminishing him somewhat. I checked at first light and he was gone. I couldn't even hold his attention for one night. How sad am I. jof

Niamh B said...

That's impossible - he died tragically two years ago in a horrible 'accident' in denmark - i'll fill in the full story next time it snows here. Maybe it was a distant cousin though.