Friday, December 5, 2008

Poems in Shops

Emerging writer will know exactly where this idea came from, but here it is. This month is now officially "International (readers in america and england - you know who you are) Put your poem in a shop" month.

The idea is simple. Now that capitalism has officially collapsed, why not use some of it's structures for art? I'm not talking about spray painting whole buildings, or even taking over a chip shop to put on a play. I'm talking let's start small. Let's take just a postcard sized space, you know the little free ads area in every "good" supermarket. I want everyone to go and fill one of those up with their own little poem, and place it up there, proud as punch, do it on your holidays, in towns you're passing through, or in your local store. I want people searching for used cars, or rooms to rent in Walmart, Asda, Tesco and Supervalus the world over to suddenly come across a little poem in the shop, in an unexpected place. Something small, thought provoking, or whatever - probably needs to be short so you'll remember it. If possible make it look a little like an ad so that it'll last longer. That's it. Out you go. Post your poem on the comments section when you have it ready, you can do it anonomously if you want. See mine in comments section

Let's all take our own piece of the world back - 10 cm X 8 cm at a time


Niamh B said...

A girl caught beside cabbages, brows lightly sopping,
A man standing by cereal, thinking of toast,
Few are here because they always thought shopping
is the one thing in life that they wanted most

Emerging Writer said...

Love it. Take a photo too o it in situ.