Thursday, February 3, 2011

Opinion Poles

Here is my opinion on poles. Most of them are alright. They're like columns but without a roof to hold up, like lazy columns if you will. (not unlike the acres of newsprint currently dedicated to them in our national presses instead of making up a really good story (and speaking of really good stories - I woulda probly got the Henno this year if the Tribune Paper hadn't decided it had to close))
Back to the poles. One particular pole will be fondly remembered by readers of this blog as the slippiest pole in Dublin - one that was so slippy the "caution, slippery sign had slipped down it - unfortunately I'm no longer in the region of that pole, so can't update you on it's progress, but last I saw of it the area was still too unstable to allow for safe removal of the 2 year old "caution, slippery" sign - read more here. My uppermost opinion on poles though is that they are far sexier in the nude without giant passport photographs/ wanted signs plastered all over them.
Hey, Poster Putter Upper, Leave them Poles Alone!!! (To be sung to the Brick in the Wall song)


Louise said...

The gale out this evening will strip them poles! And taking into account that there is always a potential 4% error in poles, except the ones that are standing up straight, it is all a load of nonsense!

The Dead Acorn said...

I have a high opinion of Lech Wałęsa.

Titus said...

My husband left his mountain bike chained to a pole in the nearest big village once (he occasionally bikes across to get the bus to Dumfries). When he eventually went to get it (my nagging) the pole had been cut down and the bike removed to the police station. Poor pole.

And whilst on the bike subject, he has also left it in the front garden so long it has been stolen, and recovered, by the police. I know this is all just a ruse to permit purchase of an £800 plus mountain bike BUT I'M NOT FALLING FOR IT.
Thanks for letting me share that.
Oh, and yes, boo to the poster putter uppers.
And hooray for Marie Curie, one of my biggest all-time heroines.

Peter Goulding said...

I'm afraid I must disagree. Our poles look lovely now, festooned as they are with the grinning saviours-to-be of our country. Its like carnival time. Though I think Joan Burton should have posed in a bikini with a beach ball - that would certainly win my vote

Niamh B said...

Socks, it'd be great then if they found they didn't have money to replace them!
Good for you acorn, I'm sure he'd never let himself be used as a totem of smiley faces either.
Titus, definitely if the bike is still good enough to be stolen then it's good enough to ride. We've had a bike acting as a daffodil trellis for the past two years and it's goin nowhere.
And yes, fair play to Marie, she wouldn't have let anyone chain their transport apparatus to her.
Peter, you have got a point, maybe we should have them up all the time though, and they could have slightly varying expressions depending what they think of the area they are up in, that'd keep us all on our toes, a scowling face to make us pull up our socks, there's a definite suggestion now for when they're elected.
(Elected is cork slang for happy, I was elected boy!)

Totalfeckineejit said...

Strictly speaking onions are a root vegetable and as such don't require a pole at all.

Niamh B said...

unless they're cheeseand onions of course, the dairy element always demands that bit more support

Unknown said...

Couldn't agree more. But I'm a bit worried that no one's reporting on the slippy pole any more. Where will I get my updates?