Thursday, December 8, 2016

Top 10 posts of this year

Ok, I'm obviously lying, since this is only post no. 8.

I will try and reach 10 posts though before the year is out.  I should manage that.

So - the top 10 posts I would've written if I have time.

There would have been

1.  The one about the hilarious thing that happened in the shop with the thing, and then the other thing happened and it was so crazy, and then it all just wow.

2.  The big political post about the surprising result, and how unwanted I feel now by corgi's everywhere

3.  One about weather, and whether weather knows what it's doing.

4. The touching post about my younger days and a compare and contrast with kids today, how instead of an i pad I had a book that didn't break when I'd bring it into the shower.

5.  A post about our holidays, and the complex relationships my children have with hotels, the younger still trying to understand them and how we can definitely be sure the strangers in the corridor won't be entering our room, the elder one just hugging the building as we head away.

6.  Another big political post about the other surprising result, and how I've gone off hotdogs completely.

7.  Followed hot on the heels by one about the genius poet and ladies man who left the world and leaves me with joyous memories of him and with a plastic pint glass from the magic night in Kilmainham

8.  One about a visit to France, a willy wonka ish day in a sugary confection factory and a crazy two hours in Paris.

9.  A post about life changing happenings, high points and disillusionment, the craic and the lack of faith.

10.  The mini series about the project of painting a few shelves... that was epic.

Anyway - I promise you, I've written all these and more in my head and I thought about even putting them on here for you guys, but it's been too busy, there are too many kittens to view, and too many top 8 surprising lists to clickety click on etc.  I hope you all are keeping well xx


Rachel Fox said...

Lovely post. Once again a piece of art in its own right! If you were youtubing all this you would be a sensation...

The Bug said...

I agree with Rachel - and youtube might be your best forum yet! Love the picture of Danger hugging the building :)

Niamh said...

I'd love youtube if it was only the tube, the you is the bit I struggle with!! But thanks a million all the same you kindly lovely people.

Danger really did have great affection for that building :)