Saturday, December 24, 2016

2016 - the literary highlights

First off, apologies to anyone who clicked in here hoping for actual like, international or even nationally significant literary highlights of the year.  Those who know this blog will understand this is just my own little list of things artistic that inspired or that I enjoyed this year... (just - says she, all self deprecating).


Can I think of 10 of them?

I shall try.

10.  I'm reading a bit more this year, which is nice, reading is good.

9.  I'm blogging a teeny tiny bit, and staying in touch with some nice people because of it - hi Bug, Rachel, Cait!!  (Triona?)

8.   I have a weekly habit of a sanity coffee which I've managed to keep up with the heroic help of Mr Cushions, whereby I go away and reflect for an hour on the week past, the week to go, and make mini resolutions and keep sane because of it - the notebook I fill during those hours will be a huge source of literary riches in the future when wanting to delve into the busy early years of family life that otherwise are a blur.

7.  Went to see the Pixies, not literature as such, but still one of the best cultural things of 2016.

6.  The gym and personal trainer, still going to her, still a bit alien and a new world to me, but interesting, inspiration inducing and of course health giving...

5.  Film making workshop - attended through work - how to edit phone videos, more on that in 2017.

4.  Shiatsu workshop - Free on culture week or some such, fascination insight into Eastern philosophy when it comes to the body, the elements etc.

3.  Electric Picnic and the two new poems I wrote for it.  The only 2 poems really of any sort that I wrote this year.

2.  Danger cushions beginning to write his own stories, and making films... wonderful stories and the boundless imagination of himself and Monkey Boots together.

1.  Family, Friendship and Fun in a bewildering world - happy holidays everyone - wishing you a fabby doo 2017.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


The Bug said...

Excellent list! Hmm - I'm not sure I can come up with 10 of my own... I'm too busy trying to FORGET the terrible year that was 2016... But here are a couple of happy things I anticipate for 2017:

1. We've decided to move back to NC - we're signing a lease in February & plan to be fully moved by the end of March (which, really, is a TERRIBLE time to move since we can't get from here to there without going through mountains of some sort).

2. My boss approved me to work from home full time, so I'm taking my job with me to NC.

Niamh B said...

Wow Bug, they're both really big news!! Congrats on both fronts, and best of luck with it all. Should be fab!!

Tríona said...

8) In touch, belatedly.