Friday, December 26, 2014

How much Vitamin C in a chocolate orange?

I love how confectionary companies have made it so much easier to be healthy these days - what could be better than all the goodness of a real orange without any of the mess or fuss of opening the real deal - the wrapping on the chocolate version is beautiful to look at too, and recyclable - an eco bonus - I'm sure my sinussy flu will be right as rain in no time.
Also Fruit Pastilles!!  How easy is it now to get 5 a day (or if you live in a less lazy and healthier part of the world your 8 a day) - again no muss no fuss. (ok a tiny little bit of muss when the sugar gets everywhere but that's the price you gotta pay to be healthy)
As I ponder all the health benefits of xmas goodies - I am also beginning to understand why so many people have migrated to twitter and facebook, lands where you can just keep up the cleverness for 140 characters, you are not expected to keep going for several paragraphs like some kind of genius, and not some flu slain person.
I hope Terry's bring out Chocolate pomegranate next year, but if they do i also hope they leave out the seeds, which were the bane of my life twenty minutes ago, until they do I'll stick to natural confectionary remedies for my cold.
hope you all had a nice time for non IPYPIASM month, and wishing you all the best for next year if I'm not talking to you


The Bug said...

Aww hope you're feeling better! I think those chocolate oranges have TONS of vitamin C! It really is a brilliant way to package a health food...

Niamh B said...

yes bug, happily all better again, couldn't have done it without my healthy eats!!