Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Did you ever have a

colour coded shopping list?  with weekly, fortnightly, top up, monthly and less frequent purchases all on a page?

I think I've mentioned before how fond I am of planning, especially when there's work to be done, it has always provided me with a safe haven, somewhere to hide away and avoid doing any actual work in reality.

I thank Red Dwarf for the philosophy, I read a book based on the tv series years ago and one of the characters loved doing plans for study, and by the time the plan was perfected a few weeks would have gone out of the start of it, so a new plan would be needed... I read this back in my school days and have always found it a helpful method....

I also love "course on a page" fitting everything you possibly can about a subject onto one page in teeny tiny writing, it's an art form I perfected in college, and still have the beautifully highlighted, complete with tiny diagrams sheets of knowledge. BC3001 - 20 hours of lectures and 15 pieces of homework summarised on one originally clean A4 sheet.

I don't know what all this says about me, but I suppose it may act as an excuse for being interested in writing all my life and still not having published anything major... ie a book, like maybe I should just try and fit a whole novel on a page, (of course only having meticulously planned how I would go about planning it - on a colour coded spreadsheet perhaps) - I have some time off work now, what with adding to the human race soon etc, so maybe if I get my domestic goddessness planned right, I'll have my writing self sorted too... or I'll just be a drool soaked zombie with dread locks at the back of my neck from the constant sling wearing, a glazed fuzzy view of the world from the sleep deprivation etc etc

Will be sure to keep you posted either way - I know, you can hardly wait, I can't either.


Anonymous said...

course on a page!!! oh the memories (Patsy in Amsterdam)

Niamh B said...

genuine works of art they were!

Niamh B said...

genuine works of art they were!