Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bob the Builder v's Cinderella

This morning's philosophical statement from Danger on looking at his pyjamas, was "Bob the Builder's the same as Cinderella, because they both work hard...."
Oh dear... It's hard to know when to introduce the concept of exploitation and unfairness to a person, when they live in a happy bubble of fairness, with their innate sense of justice etc etc.  I told him Cinderella wasn't paid for the work she did, never got breaks, or holidays, and didn't really enjoy the work she did. He was puzzled - the first of the dreaded "17 Why's" came along.
Have you heard of the "5 why's" by the way? they're a management technique for getting to the truth of a situation.  The "17 why's" are a toddler technique for exposing the futility of trying to explain anything, and for proving that no matter how patient and all knowing you are feeling, you will eventually say "that's the why" or change the subject.  This morning's conversation didn't quite get that far, and I didn't have to break down and explain my real feeling of "Cinderella was a sucker working for evil sisters and had to rely on her looks and a makeover to get her out of there rather than actually just taking the initiative and leaving on her own merits, while Bob is a happy and valued member of society who probably never really does a day's work because he is so bloody delighted with his role and status in the community that it always feels like a pleasure" - not because I found a better way to explain it, but because little fella found a distraction of his own, I can't remember what it was now, that's the nature of distractions sometimes, sometimes you're so glad of them, you instantly forget what they are...
Anyway - hope your Sunday is going well.

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