Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We only had the punk music on for a minute

and this happened....
(If I turn my back on the mess it won't exist)

In fairness though, he's probably done this just as often to a bit of Jazz, Classical or the Fair City theme music, but I wouldn't have noticed (so engrossed in the goings on of Bella, or in the case of Jazz perfecting my elbow twitch), it was just that when everything was upended this time, it fit perfectly with the music playing in the background -

(Don't be worrying now, I just put on a bit of Boyzone after and he had it all cleaned up in no time... :-)

Any weird effects of various music genres in your home?


The Bug said...

Ha! That's how I'd react to punk music in my house too!

We don't listen to music at home all that often (I like the quiet), but Mike & I do randomly break into song ourselves (recently "One Day More" from Les Mis has made more than one appearance).

Louise said...

He's a goer alright!

Niamh B said...

i can see it Bug, you'll have to do a live recording.
Louise - don't I know it!! :-)