Friday, March 9, 2012

Trying to guess

- do you think a child who is interested in opening and closing doors of all kinds (bathroom doors, dresser doors, locker doors) will be interested in "The Doors"?

By the way - on a somewhat related note - the dog is proving to be a great aid to parenting efforts.... in the life lessons department mostly... things she has taught Danger include...

that shouting will not necessarily always result in being picked up.

that not all toys belong to him.

that sometimes large objects can move - without warning - so check for stability before using them to pull yourself to standing.

that the yellow bowls are full of interesting things, but you'll be in trouble for investigating them...


The Bug said...

I'm pretty sure that he WILL be interested in the Doors - how could he not?

Love his life lessons. I wonder if I would learn them if I had a dog?

Titus said...

Oh yes! Try 'People are Strange'.

And sod the yellow bowls. What's in the big cardboard boxes?!

Louise said...

I'm with Titus - wats in the boxes???

Niamh B said...

hopefully Bug!!
Titus & Louise - the photo is from the day we moved in here, so those boxes were just for moving - though there's a few of them still - full of stuff we can't live without but don't want to unpack - in the garage