Monday, March 19, 2012

Doors and books

So Danger does love the Doors, but while he was swinging out of the living room door there recently - hitting himself on the backside with the door, having forgotten to get out of the way, such was his enthusiasm to open and close it - it struck me that he's pretty darned adept at the motion of opening and closing doors, and I was wondering why that might be... well if you are wondering the same, dear friend, wonder no more!!
He's been practicing on his books. Books all have little doors on the front of them - most of em less heavy than the ones we have separating ourselves from the world outside or segmenting our mini kingdoms into different colour coded places for living. There's even a door on the laptop for gawd's sake, that swings up to let us see through and into the whole world (or onto the next humour related stumble page - whichever comes first)
Books and doors have a lot in common. They can both surprise (remember bosco)
Actually anyone who doesn't remember bosco - you have to check this out. Seriously cult youngsters tv... They both can educate... and lead to unexpected places. An open book could be the source of a draught, might let in some flies, or just act as an invitation... A door can become an old familiar friend when you've been through it often enough - or might become a rueful memory, something best avoided.
And the difference?
A book will not generally cause you to hurt your fingers if closed suddenly.
A band called "The Books" would not be quite as genius (or cool)

And for those of you wondering what Danger's library consists of you'll be glad to hear he counts such classics as
"El Catita"
"Baby Touch"
"Catch my tale" among his favorites.


Titus said...

Ooh, you're so Aldous Huxley!
Of course, it all depends on your perception. I can only remember wanting to shoot Spot the bloody Dog because he was always either a) hiding or b) unable to find something he was looking for.

Domestic Oub said...

I, personally, think 'The Books' is a fab name for a band... There was Scritti Politti in the 80's - you're probably too young to remember them, child - but that name was a shortened version of the italian phrase Scritti Politici, 'political writings'. Which is a sorta booky name... (this could go on for a while and I fear there is very little point to my wanderings...)

Domestic Oub said...

Though you should check out Scritti Politti - great 80's pop!

The Dead Acorn said...

Amazing analogy!

But being ... well, let's say NOT a fan of The Doors, I will point you here:

The Bug said...

I love it when you describe Danger learning about his world - why in no time at all he'll be opening doors better than I can! (That's not actually much of a stretch).

Words A Day said...

oh brave new world - wait till he sees bosco! dont let him watch it too soon though or he'll have nothing to look forward to and life, and doors will all lose their flavour:)

Niamh B said...

It's very aldous isn't it titus? haha - we've no spot yet, and so far the books haven't got that irritating!
Oub - I am way too young. but yes I'm sure they were great.
I might check them out...
Acorn - that is definitely the elevator music in hell - if there is elevator music in hell.
Aw Bug - am sure he has a way to go yet!
Words - such a shame bosco isn't on live anymore - I wonder how many kids get the joy of seeing him nowadays? I've bought the dvd - don't worry!