Sunday, April 11, 2010

When the Going gets Bus - the Bus gets going!

It's here! It's bus day! Happy Bus Day everyone! The following great and generous souls have devoted their time and energy to get some brilliant poems written out of the tangled washing line that was the writing prompt. Enjoy the trip...

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Oh - and here's mine

How it Grew

You were on the edge of my world

Just one of those

The ones I see at parties

Friend of friends

Eventually over fifteen years

or so

by forces of magnets and magic

and wires and string

and drink and chocolate

and buttons and wings

becoming my friend too

And that means

we could talk

Not that we do

I could call you

If I'm in town

for a brew

If I'm down

or a walk

for my frown

or a chew

of a mound of limes

or amew-sing sounding times

who knew?

- how it grew

or where it'll end

me & an old new-found friend


Again a little pressie for those who made it this far!!


the watercats said...

lol!... good dog! :-D
and excellent poem too, really like the way it speeds up and ends like a sigh (the way I read it anyway) Marvellousness!

Got me on the bus too, cheers for the shpin!

Rachel Fox said...

Oh I am again.

swiss said...

does the lack of sleep show!

Pure Fiction said...

Like the poem, particularly the first half - By forces of magnets and magic and wires and string and drink and chocolate and buttons and wings - really nice stuff.

Our dog digs holes in our lawn, but not with that sort of intent. Do you think it was phantom bone, or is there actually something buried there???

I'd like to hop on board, if I can. -

Thanks for the drive :)

Peter Goulding said...

Hi Niamh, admire the smoothness of your driving. I'm finally up (story of my life)

Niamh B said...

Hey Watercats - i like the way you read it, by the sounds of it, glad you joined us as always!
Hi Rachel - welcome again!!
Swiss - if that's lack of sleep I say "Sleep no more!"
Hi PF - thanks a mill, she's trying to get all the stones out of the lawn I think... Anyway - welcome aboard, looking forward to giving you the keys!
Hey Peter, glad you got it up finally!! Welcome aboard, plenty of seats down the back

Titus said...

Great driving this week Niamh, and I really enjoyed reading yours out loud. You do sound so well.
Lovely bus trip, inspired fellow travellers.

Niamh B said...

Aw thanks so much Titus! You're v sweet...

Peter Goulding said...

Forgot to mention, I enjoyed the poem tremendously, though I think its a more read aloud poem. Love all the -oo rhymes at the end and the notion of becoming friends by wire and string!

Domestic Oub said...


Niamh B said...

Woo hoo - glad you made it...

Niamh B said...

oh and thanks Peter :-)