Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Fast, Last Fast, Fast

An - up to now unnoticed (at least by my good unobservant self) - confusing conundrum of the Irish language has just revealed itself to me - hidden in the days of the week.

Wednesday is Céadaoin in Irish - or first fast
Thursday is Déardaoin in Irish - meaning last fast
Friday is Aoine in Irish - or fast

Could this be the true meaning behind "the Fast show"? How could the fast come after the last fast? This proves that we live in topsy turvy land. No wonder we're confused.

In other news

I am taking umbrage at historical slights - following Dead Acorn's cue -

Edmund Spencer gave out in Elizabethan times about the Irish poets saying that they were:

soe far from instructinge younge men in Morrall discipline, that they themselves doe more deserve to be sharplie decyplined; for they seldome use to chuse unto themselves the doinges of good men, for the ornamentes of theire poems, but whomesoever they finde to bee most lycentious of lief, most bolde and lawles in his doinges, most daungerous and desperate in all partes of disobedience and rebellious disposicon, him they sett up and glorifie in their rymes, him they prayse to the people, and to younge men make an example to followe.

He obviously thought they should be writing about bunny rabbits and flowers or something... you'd think he'd have had better things to do.


The Dead Acorn said...

I think Mr. Spencer was a little quick to throw insults and unsolicited advice for someone who didn't know how to use spellcheck.

Niamh B said...

I know, how very dare he?!