Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prebus poem

So - I would've liked to have pretended the following (slightly creepy) poem was my response to my bus prompt this week, but luckily remembered that I wrote it long before this week, and more importantly - already told ye about it sort of - it was in my list of favourite poems of the year so far...

Anyway - it might serve to get us in the mood of sorts. Bus will officially open doors to allow early passengers on tomorrow, or later today, depending on when people show up - but beware of the step - it's slippy, TFE has already fallen out the door on his first attempt at entering.

Getting on board with her timeless mobile phone, and a wonderfully True poem - it's Revolutionary Jeanne

Next to join us with a tasty poem on the Indian Takeaway across the road - a big welcome to Evalinn!!!

See ye later

Here's the bus posing with what's left of the exercise ball, and the "Claw of Doom" on the right of the photo.


Rachel Fox said...

I'm not usually one for signs but when I was pregnant I kept finding myself singing 'She's the one'. And I did have a girl. Spooky.

Or not really...too much listening to MOR radio.

Creepy poem indeed. I like the pupils especially.

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

Not my "breathless heart swears", too! That is going entirely too far. She can have all the rest ...

Very nice, Niamh. Some great images here. I like the falling in the pupils and the twisted bouquet.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Great poem,hardly alien at all.

Pupils so black, you'd fall in is a cool line.Another one begging to be read out loud.Love the crescendo of the list to the punch of the last line.Deadlio!

Niamh B said...

Thanks Rachel - tis a catchy catchy tune isn't it?
Thanks Lorenzo - really liked your lipstick poems today as well - I suppose I should really say that over on your blog, but you might get enough adulation over there perraps...
Thanks TFE... I will be reading it out sometime alright, maybe soon... we shall see.
Meanwhile - the bus is parked for the night, can't wait to see who's next on!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Hopping on board after having a final tinker with the words.
Challenging prompt, confess I thought about cheating and just picking my favourite name, but it fell to someone interesting anyway.
As always, am so looking forward to the contributions.
crazy field mouse

Niamh B said...

Hey Crazy Field Mouse - thanks for joining in, and welcome aboard - all links are up now on today's post