Friday, April 2, 2010

Edwin Kelly on the Radio

Yes - another weekend, another great writer to generously share their thoughts with the world.

This week I'm delighted to welcome Edwin Kelly to the show. Edwin is originally from a small townland called Garryarthur in county Limerick. He began writing as a teenager and joined the English Lit Society in UCC while studying for his BA, many many years ago (though it feels like only yesterday to him). He has worked in a variety of jobs since - including teaching and book selling, and has lived in Dublin for the last year, where he is currently completing the UCD Creative Writing MA.
The theme he has selected is "Trapdoors of Childhood" and he says "I spent my own childhood playing soccer, football and computer games, all the while avoiding anything to do with hard work, an activity I became quite adept at I’m sure my father would say."

Join us in avoidance of any hard work this Chocolate Egg Sunday at 4pm, or 3pm old time, or 6pm for those of ye who live two hours that way, or tune into, as usual soonish after the show to download your very own copy, complete with or without the day's news, depending on if there is any news, because you know sometimes no news is good news.

(My computer doesn't want me to comment on anything today by the way, in case you're wondering about me not answering your comments of yesterday, thanks for them though, and hopefully I'll get to answer ye later)


Titus said...

I like the Mr Kelly quote!

Niamh B said...

Thanks Titus - He's got some interesting poems to share too!