Thursday, December 30, 2021

2021 The literary Highlights

 Hard to believe another year is almost done. Hope everyone has had as good a festive season as possible so far (It's not over yet!!!) 

As is my tradition, hereby find my 2021 highlights in terms of writing life. 

1. Entering the NYC Midnight Short Story competition - they give you a character, a genre, a subject - and a deadline to get your story done by - the deadlines get shorter with each round. It's hefty enough cost wise to get in, but I found it so much fun and inspiring, that I'm doing it again this year.  They give feedback within each round too which is fun.

2 Getting accepted to go to Annaghmackerig - I have heard magical things about this place, so will be super excited to go there to write - sometime Summer 22.

3 Winning a mentorship from Munster Literature Centre with Billy O'Callaghan. A workshop with Billy got me back to writing a few years ago, so it was super special to win this and get to pick his brains in a one to one setting. He was really so great, totally inspiring, encouraging and really thought provoking. Such an honour.

4 Great to get to a physical launch this year and see people in person, it was to see the launch of Madeleine D'Arcy Lane's "Liberty Terrace" collection which is a super warm book about Cork lives. It was amazing to meet Madeleine and other Fiction at the Friary friends at the event. A very special evening.

5 Physically meeting some Zoom writers. I had joined an online group in which I only knew one member up to last year, and got to enjoy lots of great writing by them via the internet, so it was a lovely writing highlight to meet them in person this year.

6 A friend convinced me to apply for an Agility Award from the Arts Council and an award was granted to me, to do some writing. I'm still a bit shocked, but delighted about it.

7 I moved jobs this year. Not exactly a writing thing, but after 10 years in one company (almost two of those within my own house), branching out into a new industry and getting to go out to work every day again has felt like a shot in the arm inspiration wise. Meeting grown ups, seeing a bit of drama, getting to chat, it's all so much better than sitting at home with a mountain of boxes clogging up the writing room.

8 Got accepted to an online workshop given by Caoillinn Hughes, which was pretty magical. She's very interesting and had lots of thought provoking things to think about. It felt like she delivered a 3 week course in a morning, so it was pretty full on, but brilliant.

9 The reclamation of the office has allowed for set up of a Reading Nook - ie two bean bags and a stack of books, that has been a lovely place to pass a bit of time reading - instagram records the high points of this.

10  Keeping going - I've been encouraged by the successes of the year, and have been devoting a lot of energy lately to one big project, which is hard enough to keep at, if you've ever taken on big projects you probably get me. It's been up and down, but I'm still showing up for it most days, and intend to keep at it too. So that's a win too.

Wishing you an inspiring and amazing 2022, if there's anything you are doing daily for the first 100 days to make your life better, do let me know, am looking for ideas...  


The Bug said...

Happy New Year! I feel as proud of you as if I were your mother (which I think age wise I could be). Your literary year sounds fabulous!

I hope your new job continues to suit in the new year. My only resolution this year is to not buy more yarn (unless I HAVE TO HAVE it for a particular project). In particular I'm determined to figure out what to do with the ginormous tubs of Irish wool yarn given to me by a couple in my church years ago. They used to have an Irish shop of some kind & they had HUGE amounts of yarn to give away. I've been toting it around & I think it's time to do something with it. That's probably not what you were looking for as far as inspiration, was it? Ha!

Rachel Fox said...

Happy New Year and lots to look forward to by the sounds of it.

Niamh B said...

I can always use a spare mother Bug, thanks a million. Buy all the yarn this year!!! You have your blog-daughter's blessing. Irish Yarn - you probably need an Aran Sweater pattern for that...? Enjoy whatever you do.
Thanks Rachel - yerrah I'll keep on plugging on anyway - yes, hopefully this year brings more fun than the last 2 anyway for all of us... (hoping the C burns itself out pretty soon)!