Friday, May 12, 2017

How is it not Friday yet, oh wait

So I was going to write a post yesterday about what a long week it has been, and how could it not be Friday yet - and how maybe it was friday somewhere else in the world but it really needed to be Friday here yesterday because I was, frankly, ex haus ted. 

So tired was I that I forgot to post the post about it, and now I'm too late, because it is Saturday.  No actually it's Friday.

I'm sorry, I'm a bit tired.

I was so tired on the train on Wednesday I wrote quite a garbled excel related email to a colleague that merited the following response which I really felt deserved wider reading

I am sure that when you penned this email, it all made sense. However, in its transit via cyberspace it appears to have become, unfortunately, corrupt. I once tried to read Ulysses backwards. That was a similar experience."
I really wish he would start a blog.  The above mail had me in stitches.
Anyway enjoy the weekend all y'all


The Bug said...

What a great response! That reminds me of the time I took a Valium or some such before I was scheduled to have an MRI on my shoulder & then I tried to write an email to my friends at work. It was HILARIOUS. And what's extra funny is that I read it later after I had "sobered" up & I had no idea what I was talking about either. But I remember in the moment thinking I was making perfect sense. Guess it's good that I don't drink alcohol. Ha!

Niamh B said...

Did you ever post the mail?!

It's funny how the brain can be so contrary with the influence of a little lack of sleep or whatever... Anyway - thanks for calling by!! :-)

UplayOnline said...

Guess it's good that I don't drink alcohol. Ha!


james said...