Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Worriers

Are you a worrier?  They sound a bit like the less glamorous cousins of the Borrowers... I'll admit it though - I am one.  One am I.

I have forehead creases to prove it, that's the only outward sign though.  Most people think I'm very relaxed.  I like to act that way, still haven't shaken the cool dude type act that I photocopied from my older brother when I was about 12 and took his advice to heart "Just act like you like the doors",  but deep down, I'm really not as cool as I seem.
Ok, ok, don't ROFL,,, those who actually know me in real life know that I don't seem as cool as that last phrase seems to suggest that I seem, but I mean cool in the sense of unworried.  I've had various people tell me that they think the world could fall down and I'd still be relaxed, unruffled, unworried, and maybe that's true.  I think the worry I talk of is more of an unreasonable type of thing, a less practical thing than being worried about the real things that you should worry about.  Now really it's not a big hard type of worry or actual anxiety thing, (see now I'm worried I'm falsely advertising it) my worries are a type of fuel to imagination perhaps emanating from the supernatural type worry generated by a Nun teacher when I was 9 years old telling my class the devil might actually be hiding under the bed, and also to say good bye to our parents carefully each day since they might die in our absence at school.  I have move on from such serious worries to WAY more trivial things.  Maybe I'm like trump, tweeting to my innermost mind the drivel of my opinion on entertainment shows to distract myself from more serious things.
For example - I worry about which lane I should drive in, in the Jack Lynch tunnel - the side with the phone or the side with the escape doors - I hate that they have them on different sides, but I suppose everyone would only want to drive on the side with both if they were together.  I also always hate slowing down at that point that has the sign post showing you are 50 metres each way to the door or the phone, how would one choose which way to go in that case, in the event of an emergency?
I was worried about winning that recent trip to the movie premier, not just about what to wear, who would mind the kids etc, but about whether or not to accept a bucket of popcorn in the extremely impossible chance that I ended up seated beside Ewan for the picture, like would my munching put him off the film?  I suppose that wouldn't matter too much though, as at least he already knows what's going to happen, unless they filmed alternative endings to keep it secret.
Of course others can stoke worries for us too,  Danger Cushions recently invented a whole new worry for Monkey Boots as she embarked on the adventure of  potty training, he called it the "poo monster", and said she had to be careful to go really quickly and run away when done.  He even found proof, a sample of the same monster's fur (otherwise known as cotton wool) which I duly confiscated to get tested in the lab at work.  Luckily she doesn't seem to have paid him much heed.  Her biggest worry is whether or not to accept the burden of ruling her kingdom as recently revealed in a late night conversation with herself.... in very serious tones... whispered... "I am the queen..... I am not the queen.... I am the queen.... I am not the queen"

Of course she will always be the queen of cuteness in my eyes.
Apart from the obvious (with the world kind of falling apart and all) what are your biggest worries oh dear readers?  I will try and set your minds at ease.


Rachel Fox said...

I think being in charge of young ones increases the worry levels hugely (because things really can go wrong and when they do it matters - a lot - and it can be your fault...). It does calm down a bit (for most of us), just because it has to or you'd flip completely (once they are out on their own and your control is lessened). Gradually it can be their fault... whatever it is...ha!

I used to worry about everything (and I mean everything). Not so much now (now more sad.... despondent... sleepy).

Niamh B said...

Yes, Rachel, I didn't mention the worrying about the young ones, as I'd be too worried that might tempt fate about the worries I have. But yes, totally, small people are worry factories for their carers. I can't wait till it's their fault!

Glad you don't worry so much nowadays, but hope the sad/ despondent-ness doesn't be worse! Sleepy I'd take any day - so long as there's a bed and time to cater for it!!

The Bug said...

I laughed pretty hard at "I am the queen. I am not the queen." So hilarious!

I worry about things that I am actually in charge of, in place of worrying about things that are beyond my control (I'm talking to you, you Great Orange Twitface!). Recently I've spent a lot of time worrying about whether we would have actual decent internet at our new house - since my job depends on having it. Dr. M FINALLY got around to making an appointment to have it installed, so my worries may (or may not) be alleviated on Valentine's day (otherwise known as The Day the Internet Came to My House).

P.S. I LOVE THE BORROWERS!!! I wonder if I can get an audio book...

Niamh B said...

Oh Bug, the in between moving lack of internet is so annoying, it's like the one time you actually really need the google it's not there for you!! Wishing you huge luck with that one!!!

UplayOnline said...

I wonder if I can get an audio book...