Tuesday, October 28, 2014

She's insane about.....

plastic bags.

I mean of course Monkey boots.  She loves all kinds of plastic bags.  At 6 months, they are the equivalent of a good night out in my hey day, or a quiet cup of coffee with a coffee (that's what I typed though I meant to say with a book, but I think the coffee with a coffee tells you more) nowadays.  Plastic bags are noisy, sometimes you can see into them, sometime they have cold things inside.  She gets insanely upset for example when I won't let her hold a bag of raw sausages.  First world baby problems.

She also loves books, which means she'll no longer tolerate me reading while holding her, (her love of books is not limited to the ones for her age group - she loves ALL books) or writing for that matter, as she urgently needs to have all books in her mouth at all times.

She also loves TV.  She is a bit talented.  When a tv is on, or similar device, she has an ability to rotate her head (sometimes up to 360 degrees or even further), in order to get a view.

These are the passions of the littlest cushion these days.


The Bug said...

coffee with a coffee... snort! She sounds pretty normal - amazing! :)

Niamh B said...

Just about to have a coffee with a coffee now Bug, thanks for being so kind with your comments on my nonsense!! She is great, I'm glad I'm not 6 months myself anymore but it's great craic living with one!!