Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vicious Fishes

I thought we'd be safe enough - to watch a cookery show - me and the little man this evening.  I didn't feel like dancing, or running up and down the hallway with cars, trying to stop him climbing into the sink (yes he's discovered the art of chair dragging) so tv it was, now I don't know about you, but I've had enough tellytubbies, and yet somehow knew he wouldn't go for a boring old soap - inspired by his excited perusal of a cookery book last night, screeching "oh yummy yummy" at every page, i put a cookery show playing on the player.
It started well.  Fishing boats.  Men walking over rocks. Children picking periwinkles, squealing and laughing.  He was all in favour.
Then the horror.  Sea Bass it might have been.  Beheaded.  Then filleted.  My compassionate little soldier was almost sobbing on the sofa next to me, worry and pure revulsion showing in his little eyes as the cook held up the bones showing off how little meat was left on them.  Looking at me, as if to say, why are you not outraged, why are we not going to tell that man that this is not nice behaviour.... (after all he's not allowed kick the dog, surely this is unfair?)  

We will not be watching "Martin's Mad About Fish" for some time, and I may even write a strongly worded letter to the broadcaster insisting that they should have a warning for parents that young children may find the images disturbing....  Or not.
It did look pretty tasty.


Titus said...

I love sea bass! Who's Martin? He's talking already?!!

Rachel Fox said...

Mine still can't be doing with Attenborough et al. Not since the mongoose mauling...

Rachel Fox said...

No, it was caribou mauling (by wolf)..

The Bug said...

I remember going to a fancy restaurant for a work do & one of my coworkers ordered fish. It came with the head still attached & she had to send it because because she was NOT going to eat something that was looking at her!

Niamh B said...

Titus - tis the king of fish - Martin is the host, a cruel man. - yes Danger is saying words here and there - coming up on the age of two pretty fast - hard to believe!
Rachel - I know - that Attenborough - don't know how he sleeps at night.
Ha Bug, when that happens me I just cover the eyes with a bit of salad - hard as nails, me! (not really)

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