Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year, No Fear!!!

So, here we are, another IPYPIASM draws to a close, Bug snuck another one in at the end - call over here for a lookie at it in close up, and the story behind it, bringing the USA a marvellous one poem clear of the previous year's score... so scores on the doors ended up at

USA  8.5
Scotland (the incredible) 19 (up 5 since 2011)
Ireland 15  (down 6 on last year)
England 1 (down 5)
RoW 0

Not that it's a competition or anything, and yadda yadda, taking part, xmas spirit etc,,, but - we'll be back, oh yes, next year we will be back!!

Thanks all for taking part, and most of all to Titus for being a great hostess!!


The Bug said...

It was great fun! I think that I might put a note on my calendar to start writing poems in October so I'll be ready for December :)

Rachel Fox said...

Did you count my one on New Year's Eve? Not that it matters.. just wondered.
Happy New Year!

Peter Goulding said...

It can't have been a competition because we didn't win.
Scottish people are mad feckers anyway

Niamh B said...

Do indeed Bug!! Although you had no problem with coming up with them!

Hi Rachel - of course it matters - and yes, I did - moved the score to England though when you clarified that.

We'll be back Peter, we'll be back