Friday, December 10, 2010

Jessie Lendennie on the Radio

This week it's a world of Dogs in Blogland, and the Sunday Scrapbook will be taking the theme of "Dogs Singing"

We are being joined by Jessie Lendennie for a tour of all things Canine and talking about her most recent project - an anthology by, for and about dogs of all shapes and sizes. You'll find more on the anthology itself over here. The book is a hugely impressive achievement with hundreds of great poems by a really varied group of writers, and is THE perfect present for the dog lover in your life. The Dublin launch of this juicy little number will take place next Tuesday night:
"Poetry Ireland in association with Salmon Poetry presents the launch of Dogs Singing: A Tribute Anthology, edited by Jessie Lendennie, launched by Sharon Ní Bheoláin.
Dogs (on leads) are welcome to attend!
Venue: Unitarian Church, 112 St Stephen’s Green West, D2
Time: 7:30pm "

Here's a little more about our guide.
Jessie Lendennie is founder and Managing Director of Salmon Poetry Ltd ( Since 1981 she has commissioned, edited and published over three hundred books and twenty-six issues of The Salmon International Literary Journal. Salmon is known for its ground-breaking poetry, in particular that of Irish women poets at a time when the poetry of women was generally being ignored. Salmon is also know for its international range having a substantial list of American, British and Canadian poets.

Jessie, a native of Arkansas, U.S.A., came to Ireland in 1981, after eleven years in London, England. She completed third level education at King's College, London, obtaining a B.A. Honours degree in Philosophy, with a Post Graduate degree in Education. She taught for two years in London, and two years at the Regional Technical College, Galway (now Galway Mayo Institute of Technology).

Her own poetry was first published during her college days in London and she worked for two years with the Poetry Society during which time she developed an interest in publishing.

In 1988 her book, a prose poem entitled 'Daughter', was published, followed in 1990 by 'The Salmon Guide to Poetry Publishing' and in 1992 by 'The Salmon Guide to Creative Writing in Ireland'. A new edition of Daughter, with added poems, was published in 2001, and reprinted in 2003. In 2007 she compiled and edited 'Salmon: A Journey in Poetry, 1981-2007',which includes poems from poets published by Salmon during those years. In 2009 she compiled and edited 'Poetry: Reading it, Writing It, Publishing It', which includes essays from poets and publishers on the art of poetry and the realities of the marketplace.

She has given numerous workshops, lectures and writing courses in Ireland and abroad, including Yale University; Rutgers University; The Irish Embassy, Washington D.C; The University of Alaska, Fairbanks and Anchorage; MIT, Boston; The Loft, Minneapolis, MN; Café Teatre, Copenhagen, Denmark, the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and Canton University, NY.

So do join us, you know you want to, 4pm as always, Liffey Sound as always, updated on archive after as always. It should be fab!!!!!!