Thursday, December 16, 2010

International Put your poem in shop month - midterm report


Term: Dec 2010

America - started off extremely well, but has slackened off a bit despite early promises.
Scotland - this is IPYPIASM's spiritual home this year - she has excelled in all sorts of endeavours in this area and consistently continues to do so.
Ireland - Should be doing alot better here - there is a huge need to pull her socks up in an area that should be her heartland. Again this year there have been unproven scoundrel like claims of progress being made with no back up to back it up...
Canada - Again a very promising start here, which broke new territory for the term, but needs a little more focus to continue the good work.
Rest of World - Not sure whether it's pure lethargy or lack of knowledge but IPYPIASM has absolutely failed to make an ounce of progress in this area for the term in question - most dissappointing.

Overall Summery: IPYPIASM could do so well if supported more at home especially. There are another 15 days of term left to get up to speed.

See how one little dog is keeping the ball rolling over here

I would like to tell you eager blog watchers that by midnight tonight Irish time, I hereby promise to try and get another few poems into shops, to hell with the danger, I know no fear, I have to get em out before the snow comes back!


Peter Goulding said...

I had a golden opportunity today when my wife said we were going to spend a few hours in the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. Unfortunately, while she traipsed round trying on every pair of boots, I buggered off and went to the Library instead. There didn't appear to be any point putting a poem in a Library.
But I promise I'll be on board when I actually make it to a shop.

Titus said...

Great report! I am looking forward to prizegiving.

Peter Goulding said...

The Dublin 15 brigade has submitted its report -