Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back on track in Eire - IPYPIASM racks up 3 more successes?(ish)

Finally got out to the shops again, as promised - this time with camera and poems... The shops were bedlam, but I'm still a complete wooss at this. Anyway - see below what I managed to get done.
Here they are -
I'm very sorry this is turned sideways - you will have to hope that you have a flexible neck - or else read it here... "You cannot rest your weary head, it's not your home, it's not your bed, imaginations leaves you free, to dream of it, so dream with me!!!"
It is there on the bedspread I promise - just well camoflaged - this will enable it to last longer

Might as well type em all out for those with weak vision, or who can't read my scribble "Can't buy me love so buy the latest load of junk, invest in greatest insincere stupendous lyrics, and vids defying laws of physics"
I was very happy to be able to place this one in my own section in the store - ie under the title Various.

And the final one "The place is thronged with thaw freed shoppers, some ads tell fibs, some ads tell whoppers, so read the small print before you sign, be careful in the spendy time" I had hoped to get it next to some kind of big electrical appliance, that people might have to fill out paperwork for - in terms of guarantees etc, but the shop was too tidy, so I had to settle for putting it beside a Billy Connolly DVD... as follows:

See more Scottish placements in the lower post - the unstoppable force that is Titus.

Also a debut is afoot in France - click here for NanU's beautiful poem - soon to hit a French shop near you, (if you live near one of the French shops that she happens to place them in)


Titus said...

Yay! These are brilliant! I love 'spendy time' and the fact that Billy Connolly is a suitable replacement for a large electrical item.
And nifty camouflage! You can see why I'm a mere disciple.

120 Socks said...

Classic Various. A job well done!

Niamh B said...

Thanks Titus, no I think you've really brought it to a new level
:-) but am very happy with that.

Thanks Socks, hope you'll get out shopping soon!!!?!

Emerging Writer said...

great placements!