Friday, December 3, 2010

It's gone Transcontinental - IPYPIASM gets its big break stateside

Dead Acorn is not just a hilarious blogger, he is in fact a pioneer, a leader of humanity, and the trail-blazing first ever person to join in with IPYPIASM on that wonderful planet known as Americay..

He has risked life and limb to bring the joy of a little poem, to that most mysterious of settings...

It must surely be some kind of USA high tech kitchen appliance shop, I'm not sure, he only mentioned that he had to stop at a pub on the way there... read all about his adventures here

And a close up for our friends who like close ups.

What a hero. Who'll be next, I wonder, IPYPIASM fever is gripping the universe...

Don't forget to check out Titus below - the original IPYPIASMer of 2010


The Dead Acorn said...

A high tech kitchen appliance shop is exactly what it is! I'm humbled by your words, and there may well be more poem-putting in the near future.

Niamh B said...

So glad to hear it Acorn. You're a legend!!!!

Titus said...

Is high tech kitchen appliance shop American for urinal?

But Hooray! for Dead Acorn, and Wow! IPYPIASM has broke America. Like The Beatles and all that.
Where is this ever going to end...?

Ooh, Kat's got one in a pub. In Canada.

Niamh B said...

YAY!!! Gotto get one up in Ireland soon!