Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alotta words in shops!!

The latest to join the avalanche of Poems in Shops (and to discover just how furtive leaving something in a shop and taking a picture of it can make you feel) as part of the international put your poem in a shop month is the fabulous Words A Day, click here to see the pictures full size and the actual words, for some reason the pictures stay small on this blog.

A Heart rending announcement on the notice-board

The words with the strawberries are below:

And a warning about the snow in amongst the custard creams

Remember all are welcome to join in, there's a whole lotta poems in shops already, but who will be next to take the initiative?!!!!


Niamh said...

Thanks Niamh - love your descriptions!

Totalfeckineejit said...

The project is spreading like wildfire! My task was completed today but the photographic proof not ready till i find the mobile phone I used. Doh!I usually find it by ringing it but our home fone isn't working and the other mobiles are oiut of credit! Double doh! I'll probably find it by standing on it.

Niamh B said...

And thank you Niamh, looking forward to future installments!

Yay TFE, looking forward to seeing it!

Titus said...

What a star! What great shots! Now I've got to pop over to read the poems as my eyesight is so crap, but I think I want to buy the heart.

Titus said...

Read them now. These are genius!