Thursday, December 2, 2010


Titus has launched IPYPIASM in Glasgow for us, in great style. And this is the first (but hopefully not the last) year that the month has begun its life outside of Ireland, well it is "International put your poem in a shop month" after all.
She has daringly placed some tasty poems in one Furniture and one Charity shop. Full details over here.
And here's the proof, but do visit her blog for the full story!
So Happy, it almost makes me forget the meany pants kids (big kids - 12 -15) who ganged up on me (a huge gang - like 20 or so), on my way home last night (I was walking, since traffic wasn't moving, since the snow was clogging everything), when they basically hopped on me, pulling at my tightly tied on pixie hat, and shoving snow into my poor frightened face even though I asked them nicely not to.... I was fine for a minute or two afterwards, then started crying like a baby walking up the street...
Luckily when I got to where the traffic was moving again Mr VC was at hand to come to my rescue. But it was fairly horrible. But if the while I think of IPYPIASM dear friend, all losses are restored and sorrows end!!!!!!!


Karen said...

How horrible! That must have been terrifying. I'm glad you came away physically okay.

Words A Day said...

Thats so awful. Those horrible feckers. You must have got a shock. Where's a vigilante neighbourhood watch when you need them? I'm full of revengeful thoughts. Glad about the poem though, off to follow the link...

Titus said...

Waah! Bullies! Let me at 'em!
Really sorry, what a horrible experience.
I shall endeavour to make this the best IPYPIASM ever, although that is no compensation.
And get revenge by writing about them. And sticking it on every lamp post in the vicinity.

Kat Mortensen said...

Oh no! You poor thing! Thank goodness your knight was there to rescue you. Meany pants is too kind a name, if you ask me. Horrid, nasty bastards is much better!

I'll be taking a poem out to the wilds sometime soon. (I hope I remember to take the camera!)


The Bug said...

Terrible! And scary! I think I would be scarred for life, but I'm a bit of a fraidycat.

Love the poems! I wonder if I'll have the courage to stick a poem somewhere? I shall give it some thought.

Niamh B said...

Thanks all, yup Karen, it wasn't nice, but yes, no real harm done.
I know Words, heard there's a lot of it going on too. What kind of eejits do we have in our midst!! Hope you get a poem out there in a shop!!
Titus, no machete weilding maniac in sight, but yes, would have happily had your back up.
Thanks Kat, yes, was lucky had someone to blub down the phone at and then actually get saved by. Look forward to IPYPIASM's arrival in Canada. First time outside of Europe.
Yes Bug, am probably making it sound worse because of my own fraidycattedness!! I'm VERY self preservative. Do stick up a poem, it'd be great!!

Domestic Oub said...

Fecky feckers I say!

Not that it's saying much cause we all know what a spinelessly snivelly creature I am, but I've have cried too.

Emerging Writer said...

You should get your revenge - put the bullies in a poem and make them look very silly. Then put it in a shop!
I'm not planning on going into any shops for a few days myself but when I do...look out!

Kat Mortensen said...

Oh, I love Emerging Writer's cunning plan!

Niamh B said...

Oub, you'd have been right.
Thanks EW, not sure about a bully poem, happy to forget about em I think, me too on the shopping front, Titus is just storming ahead!!
Kat, If I knew what shop they went to... maybe