Monday, November 1, 2010

The worst fancy dress outfits I have ever worn

include -

circa 1987

a white plastic bag, turned inside out with a drawing of a skeleton on the body of it, only at the time I didn't know much about biology - and yes, it was I doing the drawing, and so I ended up with mostly ribs - all the way to my knees, and then ran out of the black marker I was using to block out the back ground, so ended up not going out trick or treating at all that year.


circa 1997

a black plastic bag, with squashed up beer and cider cans, used, unwashed (and many having been used as ashtrays) - all sellotaped around the entire covering of the bag. It was highly impractical, smelly, and uncomfortable when sitting down. In the nightclub people were grabbing at the cans, thinking they might be full - I ended up losing the whole outfit - thankfully had my fall back plan, "disco attendee" outfit on underneath.

So now - I've shown you mine... what were the worst for ye??

Rachel F - you are excused from this exercise :-)


The Bug said...

I was just reminiscing about one with my boss today - the old black cat ensemble with the tale wrapped around an unbent wire hanger - that one was lethal!

And then there was the year I was a sheep - all the baby powder in my hair made me sneeze, which caused a great cloud of powder, which then made me sneeze. Miserable night!

Kat Mortensen said...

Niamh - I find it interesting that even though they are a decade apart, both costumes involved plastic bags.

What did you wear in 2007?

I've had some pretty good ones. I remember one year my mother rented a zip-up, fuzzy rabbit costume from the local skating rink. It looked good, but was kind of heavy and awkward and made it tough to get around.

I had the baby powder in my hair like The Bug when I was Miss Havisham.


Rachel Fox said...

If I in any way provoked this post I am very pleased! Giant rabbits at your skating rink, Kat, what kind of crazy place is Canada?

Love the cans stuck to rubbish bag idea too, N.

Domestic Oub said...

This is bad, I cannot remember a single costume that I ever wore...

Niamh B said...

yikes the hanger tail sounds dangerous alright Bug, re the talc - at least you smelled good!
Kat - weird isn't it? 2007 was more than likely the christmas tree effort - which involved dressing in green and wearing various ornaments - no one got what it was supposed to be.
Rachel - I think you may be responsible alright - take a bow!
Ah Oub - you're probably just blocking out the pain

Titus said...

I'm the same as D'Oub. Dressing up for Hallowe'en was not something we did.
I'm quite upset about it, for as you know, I love a good trauma to fall back on.

Totalfeckineejit said...

When I was just out of nappies (about 6) I had to dress up as a blackbird for a school play with this awful feckin thing made with an orange duster as a beak. Scarred for life, I didn't make onto the stage that day.Or any day since.In fact I can trace all the callamitous failures of my miserable existence back to that single wrteched soul destroying day.

Niamh B said...

Poor Titus - looks like you made up for it in later years... or at least the dog has made up for it now
TFE, heart rending - I do wish there were cameras around when you were young!