Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Clarke's Stained Glass on the Radio

This weekend I will have a jam packed studio with Lucy Costigan, Raymond McGovern, Theresa Cullen and Micheal Cullen all joining me in the studio. They have all been embarking over the past two years on a fantastic exploration of the work of Harry Clarke, one of Ireland's artistic heroes. This has culminated in a book, film and website documenting their work and their discoveries on his work.

A little about the star of the show:
Harry Clarke (1889-1931) created spectacular stained-glass windows for churches
and private patrons in Ireland, England, the United States and Australia. Born in
Dublin in 1889, Clarke developed a unique style and technique in stained glass that
combined deep rich colours with beautiful, elongated figures that exuded poise and
grace. His deep blues and ruby reds became the hallmark of his work. Clarke is
considered to rank among the masters of stained glass, with Tiffany, Burne-Jones and
the medieval colourists.
You'll find examples of his work over on their website
Here us all talking live about this marvellous adventure on Liffey Sound, this Sunday, at 4pm. (5am in Alaska)


Totalfeckineejit said...

Tell them Harry's windows are not only beautiful, but also really well made. When I was a chisler in Bewleys one time with mumsie and pops, I launched, for no particular reason other than I was a holy terror altogether,, a silver salt cellar, at one of his beautiful creations and it bounced off without even a scratch being made.

Niamh B said...

Trust you TFE. Thence began a life long career in quality assurance (or vandalism) -- or maybe those salt cellars weren't as sturdy as they looked! Real silver my eye.

Titus said...

Yahoo! I'm in, I'm making pamphlets and I'm gonna listen live! First time ever for that. Let's hope I have the technology.

Titus said...

Waah! I've linked and nothing's happening. Not a peep.

Titus said...

Bah! I am most certainly not in tune with the locality.

Niamh B said...

Ah Titus, and there I was getting extra nervous for no reason - will put up the podcast soon, (like in the next 30 mins) shame you didn't manage to tune in live!!!! Will have to get on to our technicians.

swiss said...

i finally got around to this. didn't know him. very interesting. nice one.

Niamh B said...

Thanks v much Swiss, twas something very different, they were a lovely group of people to talk to, and he was a great artist